No Geaux Tigers!

The LSU Tigers are known for their smack talk, among other things.  So I have no doubts that we will be hearing a lot of that this week as we prepare for the biggest game of the season.  I say that, because this game will be a true test for BOTH teams about what they are made of and the level of skill they have been able to achieve.

It is going to be a hard hitting game no doubt. I expect there will be some injuries.  I also expect it to be a lower scoring game than what we have witnessed so far this year.  Think about the defenses on both of these teams.  Dee Milliner leading the Tide into a fight like this is no small task.  Barrett Jones will be in a struggle like never before, fighting guys off so that AJ can get the play in motion.  LSU are the kings of forcing turnovers, so I expect it to be an explosive game!  I don’t agree with reports that this will be like another all the games we have witnessed so far for the Tide.  LSU will be out for blood.  As most of us do not live in the past, it seems Les Miles does and he is out for revenge from last season.  They have set out to prove that even without their beloved Honey Badger, Tyrann Mathieu, they can put points on the board.

Ladies, just so you know, LSU fans have horrible grammar, even worse than mine.  So prepare yourself for some “Geaux Tigers” and such nonsense.  Their colors are also some horrid yellowish gold and purple and they do dress all out.  So if you are going to the game, I highly suggest you wear your Crimson and dress to the nines.  We need to put up a united front and stand out against those horrible unique colors.  Be prepared for the rudeness coolness of the LSU fans too if you are at the game.  They are notoriously obnoxious uncouth in general, so just keep that in mind if you encounter any.

Bama is a 9 point favorite over LSU, and that is probably the lowest point spread on any Bama game thus far this season.  I wouldn’t be surprised if it ends up being a lot closer than that.  This game will be a defensive struggle.  LSU’s defense will try to shut out AJ off the top.  Then it will come down to a running game, using all of our backs, with Eddie Lacy leading the way.  I believe Saban will keep the change up with Norwood and Yeldon to keep LSU guessing…he will have to.  I almost see it as being more of a 3 point favorite in a very low scoring game.

I could be completely wrong on this and I hope I am.  I hope the Tide rolls over the LSU Tigers like they did in the National Championship game last year.  And they probably will come out on top, but don’t expect it to be an easy day on the field…

Let’s get ready to ROLL!!

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