“Barner (and Mariota) For Heisman”- Post Game Girl Talk- Oregon vs. USC

What do you get when you mix a little Mariota island finesse with a little Barner bust-out? A HUGE win and a happy little gridiron girl blogger. Wow Wow Wow!!! I know, I know, I was way off in my score prediction, but at least I was close in the spread right? I suppose I also got lucky with this little prediction…..

“…That is why I actually think Kenjon Barner, who recently told me this was his most anticipated match-up,  is one of MY key’s to the game.  I expect USC to focus in on DAT, many having played against him in high school, and knowing his threat.  That should open up Barner to quietly stack up yards, as he has done all year.”

I am incredibly proud of Kenjon, not only because of his amazing performance (helping keep the Ducks move on to the Natty) but because he is a very nice kid, who has been in the shadows of Lamichael James and DAT way too long.  Obviously LMJ and DAT are incredibly talented, but I am very happy to see Kenjon getting some long overdue credit. Let the Heisman talk begin.

Of coarse the gridirongirl game ball hand-outs don’t stop with Kenjon. If you weren’t on Team Mariota before, I certainly hope you are now. He was outstanding last night! I must admit, when Kenny Wheaton said the key to an Oregon win would be Mariota getting some deep passes in, I was a little nervous.  I absolutely think Mariota is the best QB Oregon has seen yet, but he’s young, and going on the road to USC can be challenging.  Couple that with a less-than-strong receiving troop and I couldn’t help but be a little worried. Fortunately, my Duck passing game jitters were all but settled pass after pass in the first drive of the game! By the way, I’m not really sure why Mariota, as a rockin’ red-shirt freshman QB, isn’t at least in the Heisman discussion, but what do I know? I’m sure he’ll be in it next year, if this keeps up.  For now, Heisman voters sleeping on the East Coast, sleep on this, Mariota completed 20/23 passes AGAINST USC!!!!! Just Sayin’.

Final Thoughts…

1. Hello Josh Huff! Where have you been all season? Glad you’re back.

2. Unfortunately, the Ducks’ Defense had a rough night.  I knew they had a tough task, going against the almighty Matt Barkley + Marquise Lee and Robert Woods package, but they best be running some laps and doing some extra push ups this week. The road ahead isn’t going to get much easier, and what might happen if Kenjon gets sick or has a bad day (Heaven forbid)?  Not to mention, I’d like to take a nice trip to Miami in January. I do believe they will get it together and earn back the praise they were getting pre- USC, but last night wasn’t pretty.

3. A lot of sports commentators get on my nerves (except for ESPN’s Jesse Palmer).  The Ducks just scored 62 points against their beloved USC, and all they can talk about is how there’s so many questions left about the defense, and if the Ducks have been “consistent” and “well rounded” blah blah blah….(yeah I’m lookin’ at you 20 something pretty boy that sits next to Jesse Palmer! Yes, there were defense problems, but again- 62 points against USC on the road!

4. If the Ducks win out, I do believe they will be in the National Championship. There’s going to be a lot of talk between now and then about Oregon vs. Kansas State, and who’s most deserving.  The Ducks will probably win the debate, but there’s still plenty of season left.  Things will shake out, but we’ll all be Nervous Nelly’s until then.

5. Consider next week a “breather”.  Cal is pretty bad this year, but don’t tell the Ducks that. They have to consider them a “faceless opponent”.  I’m totally cool with that- it seems to be working.

Until next week, #GoDucks, #TeamMariota, #Barner4Heisman #DucksLoveJessePalmer

How’s that for Twitter practice?

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