Little Johnny Came to Play

Some of you may have noticed that I did not post on a blog on Wednesday.  I told myself it was because I had a cold and I didn’t feel good.  The truth is, every time I sat down to write, nothing came.  After three tries, I gave up.  I guess I shouldn’t have given up on my team.  I won’t do that again.  I don’t know if it’s woman’s intuition or whatever, but my gut feelings are never wrong.  Something just did not feel right.  So ladies and gentlemen, when you get ‘that feeling’ in the pit of your stomach, don’t ignore it.

I took notes, as I do for every game so that I don’t forget anything important.  But like I have said before, you can get the stats on any blog, that isn’t why you read mine and I know this, therefore why re-hash the logistics?  Alabama simply had a bad day.  “On any given Saturday” you will hear me say.  Meaning that on any given Saturday, a team can have a bad game.  There were mental errors, physical errors and a tired defense that led to the 29-24 upset of the reigning number one team in the nation.

To Bama’s credit, they were down 20-0 right off the bat, and they made a valiant effort on the comeback.  Fluker was a beast, Mosley sacked his heart out, Fulton gave great pass coverage and Shelley had a perfect kicking game.  I yelled and tweeted for the blitz, and it came, but it wasn’t enough.  Eddie Lacy and Dee Milliner suffered minor injuries but both came back in the game to continue playing their hearts out.  Yeldon had some catches and some fumbles.  AJ had 2 interceptions, after a long running streak of 292 passes with zero interceptions.  It was bound to happen people; everyone has a bad day every now and then.

Maybe our defense was still tired from last week’s LSU beating they took.  Maybe there are injuries on some of our players we don’t know about.  (This was the case in last year’s Championship game when I kept arguing with my Dad that our quarterback was playing like he was hurt and my Dad just thought he wasn’t trying hard enough…no one knew it, but I was right…maybe it’s a good thing I wasn’t born a boy)  Maybe someone’s girlfriend broke up with them, who knows!?

I am not even going to utter the nickname of the quarterback for the Texas A&M that made me roll my eyes all week long.  He’s a good player, no doubt.  Heisman hopeful?  Absolutely.  He can run, he can throw and he can defend himself.  He is an all-around good player and underestimated by some, including myself.

I know when I go in to work tomorrow I will have to hear some ragging about my team.  But ya know what?  They are MY team.  They always have been and they always will be and while there are some good weather fans out there, I am not one.  And I will continue to argue with my Dad or anyone else who argues against them.  We have to stick together; we have to show a united front.  Cheers from their biggest fans are what keeps the fires burning in the player’s hearts.  Saban will go in and make adjustments and hopefully give the guys some much needed rest and next week we will come out ready to attack.  The much anticipated Iron Bowl is not far off and we have to be ready for that.  We still have some big games to play before this season is over folks, so DON’T STOP CHEERING ON THE CRIMSON TIDE.  Our team needs us.

And I believe they still have a few more plays up their sleeve…

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