Good News-Post Game Girl Talk- Oregon vs. Cal

Well the news is out and the Ducks have finally landed at the #1 spot in both human polls and #2 in the BCS aka: Stupid, Illogical Poll. We had a little scare for about 2.5 hours, but not to worry Duck fans, all is well in Nike Nation- very well in fact. Sure, there were some hiccups- particularly on defense (what the heck is going on there?), and I may or may not have teared up when the camera crew captured poor Avery Patterson crying as he walked off the field after an apparent knee Injury. But, there’s a LOT of good news to talk about…starting with Mr. Mariota himself.

If the Heisman voters aren’t going to talk about Mariota being a deserving candidate, I will. As Steve Tannen from 590am KUGN’s post-game show pointed out last night, he just seems to put his teammates (and fans) at ease. Somehow his hang loose vibe gives us a sense that “every little thing’s gonna be alright”. Oh, and by the way, HE’S THE BEST PASSER IN THE COUNTRY- on track to break a 1994 freshman QB passing efficiency record set by Michael Vick, (the reformed dog fighter guy). Add to this, his blazing speed, toughness, incredible poise, and the fact he’s playing for the best team in the country (according to humans) and he at least deserves a trip to the Heisman Ceremony, along with Barner of coarse- just sayin’.

In other good news, the Ducks just railroaded the Cal Bears who seemed to be targeting players in violent fashion- or was that just my imagination? Had Mariota and Barner not returned to the game, I may have hopped a flight and personally punched some Bears in the (fill in the blank)! So what if I’m only 5’1″, I could do some damage…I think. Luckily my Ducks took revenge on the scoreboard instead, winning 59-17 (pretty close to my 56-17 prediction by the way)!

The news only gets better…Only three games stand in the way of a Ducks National Championship sequel. Next week, the Ducks will host Stanford (#14 in the AP, #13 in the BCS) at Autzen. ESPN College Game Day will be in Eugene with all their glory (finally). The next week, they will face off against the Beavers in the Civil War. If all goes well, the Ducks will then host the PAC 12 championship which would be the final hurdle to the Natty. Of Coarse, Chip Kelly and his flock will be taking it one game at a time, Win(ning) The Day, but a gridirongirl can dream right??

Go Ducks!

Ps. Prayers for #21


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