Let the Games Begin!

This weekend the Tide is playing the Western Carolina Catamounts.  I have a good feeling that this is going to be a cake walk for the Alabama team.  Western Carolina has a 1-9 record, they haven’t won a game all year since their season opener.  Ouch.

I think that the Catamounts will play most of the game just trying to keep up with the Tide.  Their numbers aren’t terrible, they know how to run the ball and do some passing.  No matter how they spin it, this will be a Tide victory.

I sincerely hope that we get to see some of our depth chart coming out this weekend. (Depth chart meaning 2nd and 3rd string players.)  I hope after half time we will get to see what backup quarterbacks Phillip Ely and Blake Sims have to bring to the field.  I would also like to see some more of Kenyan Drake, the running back that we caught a glimpse of earlier in the season.

The Crimson Tide team is coming off their first loss of the season, so I am sure they will have some aggression to take out at the beginning of the game.  They had two really tough games back to back and I know they are tired.  I also know that Saban will make the necessary adjustments to pull off a huge win.  We still have big games and big hopes for this season still on the table, we will be going to the SEC Championship (at least I know in my heart we will, I don’t think this is set in stone just yet) to play the Georgia Bulldogs.  There’s even a slim chance we could be back in the run for the BCS championship, so this isn’t a snoozer football weekend, you need to be watching this game as well as seeing how Notre Dame, Oregon and Kansas State fare in their games.  You know me, always got my eye on the prize!

However, once the testosterone serge has warn off and Bama gets a good lead on Western Carolina, I sincerely hope the players take some time to enjoy the game.  It’s going to be a beautiful day in Tuscaloosa, it’s a mid-day game with plenty of sunshine and the high in the mid sixties.  It will be “PERFECT football weather” as we say here in the South.  Since the last couple of weeks have been rough on our guys, I hope they take this time to just enjoy their day as football players for the Crimson Tide.  I hope to see some smiles on the sidelines this weekend.  I hope for no injuries and no tears.

Ladies, this is a perfect time to break out those scarves and gloves we talked about in our fashion blog.  This would also be a great game for jeans and cute houndstooth jackets or even a heavy A line dress with tights or leggings and of course, BOOTS.  And don’t forget your sunglasses!!  It’s bright in the stadium on a sunny day, plus you may get blinded by the big smiles you get from our players. 🙂

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