Blame it on the Seminoles

It’s Wake Forest week and we’re ranked #3 in the idiot polls. I can’t wait for the playoff system so ND doesn’t get the shaft every week.

Want to know the real reason we aren’t ranked higher right now? It all stems from December 29, 2011 and a loss at the Champs Sports Bowl. ND lost 18-14 to the Florida State Seminoles. That loss set us up to be ranked 24th in preseason while Kansas State was ranked 21st. I’m betting all my marbles (which isn’t many) that had we won that bowl game, we would have been ranked over K-State, which means we would be #2 right now! Dang those idiot polls to the fiery place!

Manti Te’o is on the Heisman Watch! Woo Hoo! I love this kid. He is an amazing linebacker. Watching him play is like poetry in motion. I’m also impressed with how he has reacted to the tragedy he has experienced in his life. If there is anything I know it is that it is the hard stuff and the trying times that reveal people’s true character. And my friends, this kid has character out the wazoo.

I’m going to address something that bothers me every time I watch an ND game. Why oh why does Brian Kelley put Tommy Rees in?!? Is it to dazzle the defense with his ineptitude so when they put Golson back in they aren’t sure what to do? Does Kelly want a red zone interception? Because that is Rees’s MO, I thought it was a mistake to put him over Dane Crist in the first place. But I’m not Brian Kelley and he didn’t call me to ask my advice (I’m still wondering why).

Ok, so on to the Wake Forest game. They are 5-5, which isn’t a spectacular record. We should have no problem as long as the IK (interception king) doesn’t play the majority of the game. We need to control turnovers, make sure that when we have the ball it stays our ball until a punt or a score (preferably a score). Another good tidbit of knowledge is that Wake Forest is 1-3 on the road and they gotta travel, so let’s unsettle them ND fans! Make as much noise in that stadium as you can and watch as ND goes undefeated for yet another week.

I find it mildly hilarious that Wake Forest’s mascot is the demons. Maybe Touchdown Jesus will keep them out of the end zone just for the blasphemes mascot. We can hope right?

Whatever the outcome of the game, ND has played one heck of a season and I’m proud of them! Now let’s hope K-State or Oregon loses so we have a shot at the National Championship!

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