How the Mighty Have Fallen: WVU vs Oklahoma

In the first weeks of the season we were ranked in the Top 5, it seemed a sure thing that Geno Smith would win the Heisman and WVU would win the Big 12, maybe even have a chance at the national title. Now? We’re unranked and struggling to remain bowl eligible.

If the Mountaineers can win just one of these last three games, we’ll get an invite to a bowl game. I’m not sure if this week is the week. When the season started, I circled this game on my schedule in red. The 17th is my birthday, it’s a home game, and it’s against Oklahoma. Oklahoma has long been one of my love-to-hate teams.

We’ve met Oklahoma on the field four times in the past. My favorite by far was the 2008 Fiesta Bowl. That was the season (2007-08) of the Loss to Pitt That Shall Not Be Mentioned and the subsequent defection of Coach He Who Must Not Be Named* right before the bowl game. Oklahoma was all, “Wah wah boo-hoo, we don’t want to play WVU because they suck!”. And then they tried to weasel out of the game, but the BCS told them to put on their Big Boy Pants and play it anyway. Then we schooled them 48-28. HA HA HA.

Unfortunately, I don’t think that’s how it’s going to play out this time around. I realize I sound like a broken record here, but I don’t think our offense can make up for the colossal and gargantuan problems on defense. This defense has allowed the most points in WVU history. And special teams? I can’t even look at you right now. That Oklahoma State game last week was embarrassing beyond belief.

Holgorsen himself said the team was making “junior high mistakes”, and while I agree with that statement, I don’t agree with him throwing the team under the bus like that. Two wide receivers have left the team for “personal reasons”. If a team is having problems in that many areas, guess who’s to blame? The coaching staff.

I read another article that mentioned there was a “Fire Joe DeForest” Facebook page that has almost 2,800 likes. (brb, I have to go log into Facebook for a sec.)

My point is, it’s a big ol’ mess. But I still believe that it’s not an unfixable mess. I don’t think I see us winning this week (although I would love to be pleasantly surprised by that – happy birthday to me!), but we should be able to take care of Iowa State next week or Kansas the week after.

*OK, I’ll name him – it’s Rich Rodriguez, whose Arizona Wildcats are currently unranked and have a losing record in the Pac 12. Ah, schadenfreude.

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