Oh What Tangled Webs We Weave…

As if winning in an almost fifty to zip victory yesterday wasn’t good enough…  The top two ranked teams in the nation went on to lose their games yesterday.  “Which means what?” you might ask.  It means BAMA IS BACK ON TOP BABY!!!!!!!!!

Okay, maybe not the top of the top, but they will probably be sitting in the #2 spot on the polls.  This is a big deal folks!  Yep, we went from #1 to #4 and back up to #2.  And this is only the beginning of what could be a road paved to the National Championship for the Tide!  Of course every scenario is filled with ifs, ands buts and maybes, but I can tell ya, I am feeling it could happen.

So how will we know??  Why was I up last night until after midnight on the edge of my seat with sweaty palms cheering for BAYLOR?!  Who, for all intents and purposes, I know nothing about because they aren’t even ranked.  Why??  Because they were beating the crap out of Kansas State (the #1 team in the country!) while at the same time, Stanford was killing the Oregon Ducks.  The top two teams lost, that means that Notre Dame and Bama got to move on up to the East Side…I mean, in the polls.  Now AP is already out and has Notre Dame at one and Bama at two, but BCS has not been posted yet.  <Big sigh as I wait patiently for my Sports app to chime>

Yesterday was one of the craziest football days I have seen in a while.  I literally saw more turn overs yesterday than I have seen in the entire season combined, all across the board, every conference, every game I watched.  Notre Dame took care of business yesterday and beat Wake Forest, so they moved right up to number one for the first time in years.  Alabama had a spot on game, so good that the first string was sitting on the sidelines having cheese and wine by halftime.  REALLY!?!  No, I’m just kidding.  It was coffee!  I am glad we got to see some of the secondary players yesterday, I am looking forward to seeing some more of Blake Sims, who completed a couple of passes and went on to have 70 rushing yards in the game.

This week is Thanksgiving, so give thanks to where it is due and spend time with your family.  I have so much blogging to do, but it will be here when you get back don’t worry.  With so much going on, I can’t wait for next week’s games, if there are more upsets, that means Alabama could be on happy trails to the BCS National Championship game.  And I cannot wait to meet up with our mistress rival, Georgia Bulldogs, for the SEC Championship title game.  I also intend to do a piece on Eddie Lacy and his “spin move”.  Stay tuned… 

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