And Then There Was Notre Dame

All I can say is – wow. It was an emotional Saturday for all. Before I discuss ND I’m going to talk about the BCS and how what happened impacts ND.

I watched both the K State and Oregon games. As the camera panned the crowd I saw a myriad of reactions. Baylor fans were ecstatic and K State fans were stunned. They stood there in disbelief that Baylor of all teams could knock them off of their BCS pedestal. Oregon fans looked less stunned and more…sad. I’m not the biggest Oregon fan out there, but I felt so bad for them. As good as the loss was for ND, I know what that loss feels like. I don’t think there is a football fan out there that hasn’t experienced the crushing disappointment associated with losing a big game. I sat through not one, but two Super Bowls where the Patriots lost to the Giants. It was pure torture.

I’m a huge fan of statistics and facts so I’m going to share some with you. I found these fascinating! I’ll keep them to a minimum so I don’t bore you too much.

A #1 and #2 team have not lost in the same weekend since 2007.
Notre Dame hasn’t been #1 since November 1993.
Notre Dame has never been #1 in the BCS.

Pretty crazy huh? So let’s discuss next weekend and the idiot polls. ND will be ranked #1. I anticipate Alabama being #2 (even though they shouldn’t be!) and Georgia #3. Next weekend is rivalry weekend, what this means is that regardless of rank anybody can lose. There is something about a rivalry that causes teams to play like doo doo.

Here are some possible scenarios and what they mean. If ND beats USC and Alabama beats Auburn and Georgia beats Georgia Tech then the winner of the SEC title game will face ND in the Title Game. IF ND is upset by USC, then the winner of the SEC title game will probably face Florida in the Title Game. Make sense? Not to me either. OK, now if ND and Florida both lose next weekend then Oregon or K State have a chance to get back in. I have it on good authority (Thanks Megan) that if Stanford wins next weekend then they will most likely play in the Rose Bowl since both Oregon and Stanford have a conference loss, but Oregon’s was to Stanford. I will now pause so that your head stops spinning and you can resume reading.

(Jeopardy Music)

OK, now that you’re better we will talk about how fun and sad that game was! Did anybody else tear up as the seniors took the field? Me too. Watching Manti Te’o hug his parents was emotional. I can’t imagine next year’s team without the likes of Tyler Eiffert, Manti Te’o, Cierre Wood (who has eligibility remaining and could petition to come back), or Robby Toma, Thank you to all of the seniors and your amazing commitment. Let’s cap your senior season off with a National Championship!

First TD of the game was a 68-yard run by Cierre Wood. He would go on to rush for 150 yards! I love that kid. Our defense held the Demons to a total of 209 yards! Way to go! Tell me again why Manti Te’o shouldn’t win the Heisman. Ok so I get it that it was the whole defense, but he is a large part of that defense and is a captain. Ok, enough campaigning.

Remember in my last post when I said Touchdown Jesus might keep the Demons out of the end zone just because of their blasphemous mascot? Well it happened! ND beat Wake Forest 38-0! It looks like Brian Kelly took my advice and limited IK’s playing time; I wonder how he found my blog?

Bottom line here is that ND played a team that wasn’t very good, but still demonstrated why they are ranked where they are. USC makes me nervous, for some reason when ND plays them they start looking like a 3rd rate football team. This year’s ND team is different though so I’m hoping they play how we all know they can. Please expose Matt Barkley for the overrated, pompous QB he is.

I’m torn with whom I want ND to play in the Title Game, but I think I’ll have to go with Alabama. Everybody keeps saying ND is overrated and that if they played a real team like Alabama then we would see how deficient ND really is. I think it’s a load of horse manure, so I’d like to shut everybody up.

Thanks for reading my ramblings! Please share my blog with any ND fans you know. The next couple of weeks are going to either be exciting or vomit inducing; I guess we’ll see.

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