Who Wants it More?

Needless to say I am a little tired today.  Once again, I was up all night, watching college football to see how things were going to shake out.  I was relieved that Alabama beat Auburn before the sun even went down, so that hurdle was out of the way.  Just in case you were still in your turkey coma yesterday, Bama beat Auburn 49-0.  A shut out!  Bama fans will be very happy as that game is termed “The Iron Bowl” here in the South because its instate rivalry is like none other.  Most of us had to see this coming, Auburn has only won two games all year and there is talk of getting rid of their head coach.  Well guess what?  SPOILER ALERT:  Auburn just fired Gene Chizik.  You lose against Bama, and you are out.  Doesn’t matter if you helped bring in only the second National Championship trophy the Auburn Tigers have ever seen.  However, now, as rumors start to swirl of an NCAA investigation, finding a coach to take on that mess would be a real chore.  Good luck to the Auburn family, you’re going to need it.

So all the football hype last night, what happened?  Well, things pretty much went as planned for Alabama.  They won their game against Auburn by a landslide, and Georgia beat Georgia Tech which means Alabama will be playing the Georgia Bulldogs for the SEC Championship.  I like this, because I like both of these teams.  My Georgia cousins and I will have a great time trash talking each other until then.  Georgia is a good, hard hitting team.  They have been racking up points like old ladies rack up scarves on Black Friday.  It will be a true test of the Tide’s defense who has shown some weaknesses in the past couple of games.  I fully expect for Saban to have the guys conditioned, have their heads in the game, and ready to take on Georgia and win the SEC title.

Then what happens?  Well since Notre Dame took care of business last night and beat the crap out of USC…You guessed it!  Whoever wins the SEC Title game is going to play Notre Dame for the BCS Championship.  This is MAJOR ladies.  Football is to Notre Dame like coffee and Prozac are to new mothers.  IT’S A BIG DEAL, it’s basically their lifeline.  So Notre Dame WANTS this, but so does the Tide.  It will be very interesting to see who wants it more…

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