The Bright Side- Post Game Girl Talk- Oregon vs. Oregon State

Well, Hurdle #2 was cleared, but the race to the Natty is over. Today’s games just didn’t quite go Oregon’s way…except for the one they played. The Ducks beat out the Beavers once again, but the exciting win was quickly overshadowed by prime time college football coverage. With Stanford’s win over UCLA, Oregon was knocked out of the PAC 12 Championship, Rose Bowl and the National Championship races. And if there had been any leftover hope, Notre Dame put the nail in the coffin by defeating USC, sending all Duck fans looking for a few tissues and a half-gallon of Duck Tracks ice cream. Can I get a spoon please?

I admit it’s a bit strange to feel this down. We did just win bragging rights over Beaver Nation after all. It’s not that we’re not happy about the win, it’s just that we all expected things would have turned out a bit different…a bit more glamorous. We had a taste in 2010 and we wanted it again. Not to mention, a trip down to Miami was soundin’ pretty nice. So what now? Well, we can cry over what could have been. Or, we can reflect on all that was and STILL is good about the Ducks’ 2012 season. Let’s take a look at the bright side….

1. Marcus Mariota is a FRESHMAN. I for one am very happy about that. If this Flyin’ Hawaiian QB just missed leading the Ducks to a National Championship by a mere 3 points, think how amazing he’ll be next year….and the year after that…and the year after that.

2. De’Anthony Thomas is only a SOPHOMORE. He’s been fairly quiet the past few games, but we were again reminded of his talent tonight. Perhaps, he’s been kept quiet for a reason. He should be the starting RB next year, taking over for Barner. Look out!

3. The Ducks have recruited some star players who are red-shirting this year gearing up to bust out next year. The Ducks should only get better from here and we all know what that means.

4. I know we all hate Stanford right now but just keep this in mind: Even if Stanford wins the really lame rematch against UCLA next week (PAC-12 Championship), they will still end with a worse over-all record than Oregon. Remember? They lost to both Washington and Notre Dame (non-conference). I’m only reminding you, because I forgot 🙂

5. The Ducks should end the season in the top 5, which should earn them a BCS at-large bowl bid- likely to the Fiesta Bowl in Tempe, Arizona- not a bad consolation prize.

6. This flock of Ducks should be proud! Just 3 points separated them a perfect season. They dominated every other team despite the challenge and ended the regular season that same dominant fashion.

Feelin’ better yet? Yeah, I thought so.



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