‘Ship and Miami Here We Come!

Wow. Just Wow. That was one of the most emotional games I’ve ever watched. If it weren’t for that early lead we might have been up the creek.

The defense really stepped up in that game. That goal line stop late in the 4th was phenomenal!! I was jumping around my living room saying words I was glad my kids couldn’t hear. Talk about stressful! Did you know that USC is the second most penalized team in college football? Well that’s what Musburger said, or was it Herbstreit? Oh well, who cares I guess, they still said it.

Was anyone else Facebooking every time something happened? Thankfully,  I got through the craziness by talking to my friend Megan (Thank you!) and another die-hard Irish fan (Thanks Wendy)! My husband was watching the game with me as well, but since he was just as worked up it lent an air of hysteria to our living room.

Kyle Brindza was amazing in that game! If not for his field goals, I’m sure we would have lost. Manti Te’o also had a key interception. Our offense wasn’t the most productive I’ve seen during that game, but they got the job done. An interesting (and fantastic!) tidbit is Marquise Lee was nicely contained. He averaged 144 receiving yards in his first 11 games, but only averaged 75 yards against the Irish, also his 16 yards after the catch were his fewest of any game this season. Way to go defense!

All I heard all week was that Marquise Lee was going to kill us and that USC’s balanced offense was going to prove to everybody how truly overrated ND is. Well now that the tears of USC fans have dried (or maybe not), how do you feel about your “balanced offense”? USC had 51 plays for 281 yards while ND had 69 for 439 yards. The numbers say it all!

I do have to say though that Wittek played an impressive game for a true freshman who has never started a game before. Did anyone else notice that Barkley ran onto the field with no sling and then suddenly had one on the sideline? Things that make you go hmm….

ND fans will have to wait until the SEC championship on December 1st to see who we will play in the ‘Ship. Personally I don’t really care; I just want to shut all of the SEC propagandists up. Here is an interesting bit of info: ND has beaten 9 bowl eligible teams this season as opposed to Alabama’s 5 and Georgia’s 4. They each have a loss while ND is, what was that again? Oh ya UNDEFEATED! Boo Ya!

The ‘Ship is in Miami on January 7th and I CAN’T WAIT!! Sorry, I get loud when I’m excited. This is Epic. ND hasn’t won a Title since 1988-a very looong dry spell.

So while we are here,  let’s discuss what went on over the weekend in college football. Oregon won the civil war against Oregon State. Stanford beat UCLA, which dashed Duck fans’ hopes for the Pac-12 Championship and the Rose Bowl. Stanford will face UCLA in the Pac-12 Championship on November 30th. It doesn’t make much sense to me. Stanford just beat them and now they play each other again? Maybe UCLA likes punishment. Maybe UCLA can pull out the win. I know Duck fans would probably rather UCLA in the Rose Bowl than Stanford. We’ve already discussed the SEC championship (gag!). The ACC championship is going to be played by Florida State (puke!) and Georgia Tech on December 1st. Come on Yellow Jackets! Penn State beat Wisconsin in OT, which I was supremely happy about. The Big 10 Championship and ultimate Rose Bowl opponent is going to be played between Nebraska and Wisconsin. Who cares who wins there? I couldn’t find anything for the Big 12 Championship, that’s kinda weird.

All right, I want to leave you with a quote from Brian Kelly that I wholeheartedly agree with! I hope the biased Heisman voters are listening!

“If a guy like Manti Te’o’s not going to win the Heisman, they should just make it an offensive award,” Kelly said. “Give it to the offensive player every year and let’s just cut to the chase. He is the backbone of a 12-0 football team that has proven itself each and every week, and showed it tonight again with another key interception and a great play in the end zone on (USC receiver) Marqise Lee to save another touchdown. If the Heisman Trophy is what it is, I just don’t know how Manti Te’o is left out of that conversation.”

That’s all she wrote! BOOM!

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