The Finish Line…Or Is It?

Hello, ‘Horns fans! Here we are, heading to the final game of the regular season. It feels like we just got started! And now, sadly it’s time to say so long to football for awhile. It’s like the end of the Carol Burnett show. Are you too young to remember that show? Then get off my lawn!

So how was your Thanksgiving? Better than the Longhorns’, I bet! Their Thanksgiving was really awful, and full of purple monsters who crashed in and ate their dignity. This week, they face another set of purple monsters, this time in the form of the Kansas State Wildcats.

I’ve been both looking forward to and dreading this game all season. Texas has had such unpredictable playing, it’s anyone’s guess who will show up in the Little Apple this weekend. What’s at stake? For K State, the BCS Championship is no longer an option. Although–and this is definitely a subject for another post–it remains a mystery to me why the ONLY one-loss teams in the running now are from the SEC. K State and Oregon are both perfectly valid contenders.

All right, I have to say something, so bear with me a moment. Back in the day, SEC commissioner, Roy Kramer, created the current BCS system. He created the formulas, the weighting…he created the system and the SEC has been gaming it ever since. Part of the formula, originally created by the Illuminati, includes strength of schedule. Teams get bonus points for playing highly-ranked teams. So when pre-season rankings come out and a bunch of SEC teams are in the top 25, then they play each other, you have instant credibility. A loss to an SEC team also isn’t as costly in the polls.

The Mountain West conference has the highest winning percentage in BCS bowl games, not the SEC. They have a .750 average. Haven’t heard a lot about them? Guess why. There is also a lot of money tied up in SEC football broadcasting. There’s a lot at stake in having the SEC appear in lots and lots of bowls.

If you want to read more, then check out this interesting article:

OK, back to Texas football!

The TCU game was a total debacle. TCU dominated on both sides of the football. Texas looked anemic and ineffective. The offense never got into a rhythm, and David Ash left the game. Who will show up on Saturday? It’s anyone’s guess. The team, especially the defense, improved week over week for quite awhile. As I watched the game, I was like, LOLWUT is going on? What team is this? Surely not the one that beat Texas Tech on the road. Sigh.

Texas and K State both have a lot riding on this game. K State is no longer in the national championship hunt (BUT WHY I DON’T KNOW WHY WHAT THE CUSS) but they still stand to win the Big 12 and have an automatic berth in a BCS bowl game. They also suffered a humiliating loss to Baylor, and Texas is the first team they’ll face after that loss. So the ‘Horns will suffer the full brunt of their rage over losing in such a fashion, and being taken out of the title game. Although why the one-loss SEC teams are the only deserving one-loss teams remains a mystery for the ages.

Texas is still bowl eligible and at this point- they’re playing for dignity and respect. This season has been full of very high highs and very low lows. Coaching and playing have been all over the place. Any time a team gets manhandled the way Texas was pushed around by TCU, that’s a strength and training issue. I have questions upon questions about the quality of the Texas coaching staff. We’ll see if the off-season brings any changes.

In the meantime, there’s one regular season game left. Here’s hoping that Texas brings their best game for the last game. It’s like a Donna Summer song or something. “Last game, last chance for credibility! Last chance, for a bowl game, and recruits!” Call Phil Spector! We have a hit on our hands.

On paper, Texas and K State match up pretty equally in most categories. But we’ve all seen the way K State steamrolls over opponents. Except for Baylor, that is! (Rimshot.) If Texas gets to QB Collin Kline, they have a chance to disrupt the offense and put up a good fight. K State is playing at home, where they have a very good record. Texas has a pretty good record on the road. Here’s the big “but!” Texas has suffered so many injuries on defense. David Ash is sidelined with a rib injury. We shall see if Case McCoy can lead the offense effectively.

Friends, I don’t have high hopes for this weekend. Maybe I’ll be surprised. I’m stocking up on Willamette Valley Vinyards Pinot Gris just in case.

The oddsmakers have Kansas State winning by 11.5 points. I hope that’s all it is. Sigh. The over/under is 63.5, so someone is expecting a high-scoring game. Bet wisely, children.

Kickoff is set for 8:00 p.m. Eastern; adjust accordingly. The game will be broadcast on ABC, which is again a normal station that regular humans receive. I will be watching, my dog will be tranquilized, and we’ll give the season the send-off it deserves. You get to decide what that means for you!

Thanks for tuning in this season. We appreciate you! Keep checking back–I don’t plan to give this up anytime soon. For better or worse.

Hook ’em! Let’s go ‘Horns!

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