NCAA Detour–Best Of The NFL: Week 12

I’m going to bring you the best of the NFL every week… a detour from NCAA football of sorts. Chances are you’ll probably laugh, shake your head, and maybe even get a little mad (sorry about that). Let’s get on with it then!

The Thanksgiving games were entertaining this year. Justin Forsett from the Texans scored a TD that shouldn’t have been a TD. He was clearly down by contact, but the whistle was never blown. So he got back up and ran it in for a TD. The play would have been reviewable (as all scoring plays are), but Jim Schwartz threw the challenge flag early making the play unreviewable. Apparently you can’t challenge in these instances, I bet Roger Goodell personally wrote this rule. Obviously the refs should have blown the whistle, but the blame here lies with Schwartz who should have known the rules. The Lions ended up losing in overtime by a field goal.

The Pats crushed the Jets this year 49-19. The Jets played a sloppy game. At one point Sanchez missed the handoff to his running back, tried to run it, and then ran into his offensive line and fumbled the ball. It doesn’t get much worse than that. I can’t believe he gets paid for that job.

The Cowboys lost to the Redskins for no other reason than they kinda suck.

Seattle blew their lead and allowed the Dolphins to score 17 points in the 4th to tie it up. Then the Dolphins kicked a field goal with 4 seconds left to win the game. This game perfectly demonstrated why Pete Carroll can’t cut it as an NFL coach.

The Broncos beat the Chiefs and the win allowed Peyton Manning to break the tie he had with Elway as the second most winning QB in NFL history with 149 wins. Manning now trails only Brett Favre who has 186 wins. I wonder how awkward it is to break your boss’s record?

The Giants beat up on the Packers with a final score of 38-10. What was even more awful than the score though was Aaron Rodgers’ mustache. Is he thinking about breaking into the adult film industry?

The Browns beat a Roethlisberger-less Steelers 20-14, bringing into question whether the Steelers can without him. They are hoping he’ll back Sunday for their game versus the Ravens.

The Colts beat the Bills 20-13, they were hoping to redeem themselves after getting blown out in Foxborough last week. It wasn’t total redemption since you know they were playing the Bills.

The Falcons beat the Bucs by 1 point with a final score of 24-23. It’s hard to believe the Falcons are 10-1. They keep skating by.

The Bengals blew out the Raiders 34-10. Ouch. The Raiders are now 3-8, hey good news for you Raider fans is that you’ll be high up in the draft selection. The only teams worse than you are the KC Chiefs and the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Jaguars beat the Titans 24-19. The Jags really needed that win, ‘cause they pretty much suck this year and I think some people are worried about their jobs.

Bears beat the Vikings 28-10 in a division matchup. The Vikings only scored one TD and had 3 turnovers. Adrian Petersen missed the bus to the game and had to catch a cab. That’s hilarious!

The Ravens beat the Chargers in overtime on Sunday. It shouldn’t have been a game for the Ravens who are 9-2 and playing a team who is 4-7. My prediction is that Norv Turner is going to be looking for a job next year, I hear Wal*Mart is always hiring.

Despite being Alex Smith-less, the 49ers beat the Saints 31-21. I think the luster surrounding the Saints has faded and I can finally watch a game without hearing about how wonderful and deserving the Saints are.

The Rams beat the Cardinals 31-17. It looks like Sam Bradford might have actually earned his ridiculous salary this time as opposed to the other you know 90% of his games.

The Panthers cruised by the Eagles on MNF 30-22 to become the 3rd worst team in the NFL. Congrats Panthers! On a high note, a guy from my hometown made a solo tackle on a kickoff! Good job Colt Anderson!

So that’s the NFL in a nutshell for Week 12. Hope you enjoyed it!

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