The End of an Era: WVU vs Kansas

Long time, no write, huh? Sorry about that, folks. My toddler has been experiencing this lovely thing called “sleep regression” while teething some molars, so I’ve been busy drinking copious amounts of coffee, stumbling into walls, and trying desperately to meet deadlines at my other writing gigs.

Since we last met the Mountaineers have managed to win a game and become bowl eligible. Which means we’re going to a bowl. My husband was quick to remind me that “eligible doesn’t necessarily mean invited” but phooey to him because WVU always gets invited. Why? Because we’re a good team to watch. Is our offense going to explode onto the field or will we choke in epic fashion? It’s hard to say – tune in to find out! Plus, Mountaineers travel well. We will descend on your town or city, sleep in your hotels, eat in your restaurants, and generally throw money at you. Plus, we can help get rid of all those old couches you might have laying around.*

So, let’s catch up. That Oklahoma game was a close one that sadly ended in our fifth loss of the season. Boo. But, there’s no need for tears, my friends. We gave them a good fight, and broke some records along the way. WVU averaged 9.49 yards per snap, beating the previous record of 9 yards per snap, set by… also WVU during the 2008 Fiesta Bowl following the 2007 Season of Despair. And let’s talk about Tavon Austin for a moment, since pretty soon he won’t be wearing blue and gold. *wipes tears* He broke, nay I say shattered, the individual rushing record against Oklahoma by rushing for over 100 yards. All in all, I say it’s a loss we can be proud of. If there is such a thing.

Now, let’s move onto that Iowa State game last week. Umm, we won. That’s really all I have to say about that. Iowa State isn’t very good, we should have beat them and we did.

Today WVU takes on Kansas. And, umm, that’s really all I have to say about that. Kansas isn’t very good, we should beat them, and we will. *knocks on wood*

Let’s talk about how this is the last regular season game, and the second to last time we’re going to see Geno Smith, Tavon Austin, and probably Stedman Bailey playing as Mountaineers. If you’ll excuse me for a moment I need to go sob into my pillow. Smith and Austin are seniors, and I really cannot imagine a scenario that doesn’t involve them being drafted by the NFL. In fact, I think they will go pretty high in the draft. Austin may even go in the first round. I still feel that Smith deserves to be a contender for the Heisman, but I seem to be alone in that. Bailey is only a junior, but rumor has it that his special ladyfriend recently gave birth to their first child, so I imagine he’ll be wanting a paycheck and to be free of the hassles of classes, studying, etc.

So join me after the Kansas game and we’ll prognosticate and pontificate about which bowl we’re going to.

* Just a joke, people! Once again I will implore Mountaineer Nation to please stop burning couches and making us look ridiculous in front of the whole country.

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