Can we do it?

Game time. The highly anticipated SEC title match up is here. If this is the first time you have tuned into football or hopped onto either team’s bandwagon let me break down what this game means between the dynasties.

Alabama is the reigning BCS National Champion.

Last year, The Tide was unable to clinch the SEC title after a close loss to LSU removed them from the SEC championship, but the BCS ranked them high enough punching their ticket to the BCS championship. They went on two win that ‘Ship. If you have ever noticed “14” on Bama helmet represent the number of National titles they possesses.

Overall, Bama enters the Georgia Dome 11-1 suffering their only loss to the new kids on the block-Texas A&M, riding on the arm on “Johnny Football”.

Now on to Georgia. The Bulldogs currently rank 11-1, same as the Tide, losing only to the South Carolina Gamecocks.

Georgia is the underdog in the game, Alabama being the seven point favorite according to Vegas.

The match up is going to be a close one. The fate of the Bulldogs’ season is in their hands. The BCS rankings have done what they can but if Georgia wants to repeat history,  they will need to “hunker down” and approach Alabama knowing they deserve to be in the SEC Championship.

December 1,2012 will be the first time these teams have faced off since the embarrassing “black out” display in 2008.

Today will not be a repeat. No intimidation ploys or schemes, just good old fashion football. To win this game, both team will have to bring, and leave, everything on the field to walk off the field the victor.

The powerhouse of the south will move on to the next level- the BCS championship- facing off against the independent undefeated Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

The key factors in Saturdays game are simple. Arron Murray MUST be confident in his abilities as well as his wide receivers . He must not throw interceptions giving Alabama any exact advantage. Georgia must play clean- limiting penalties to a minimum.

Hunker down you hairy dogs. Beat Alabama!

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