Welcome to Miami

“When I step on the scene

Y’all know me


I walk with a limp

Like an old school pimp,

Like a real O.G.

I’m in Miami B*&^%!”  LMFAO – I’M IN MIAMI

I know that Saban’s players would never quote LMFAO lyrics, but I just couldn’t resist.  There were weaknesses tonight; it was not a perfect game.  It was a hard hitting, playing all out with everything you got, kind of game.  But… A.J. McCarron, T.J. Yeldon, Geno Smith, Eddie Lacy, Barrett Jones and Dee Milliner BROUGHT IT!  And because of that, they will be in Miami for the National Championship game on January 7th.  As I predicted, there were injuries, but those guys got back out there, they wanted to win this and I think it was an obvious struggle between two very good teams.

This is what all Bama fans hope for and what we have been waiting for all year long.  It’s been a long road and tonight’s game was a true test of how good our team performs.  I will even go as far as to say, that Georgia has Mark Richt to thank for its loss.  Had he saved a time out, the outcome might have been very different.  See ladies, in football, it not only has to be the players who have their heads in the game, but the coach is monumental in making the major decisions and his players depend on him to do that.  Saban has proved himself to be a good decision maker in the past, although tonight I was also questioning his decision NOT to take a time out, he always wants to take the high road.  It cost them a touchdown and they had to go for a field goal.  He, however, admitted his mistake.  I can’t but wonder if Richt will do the same.

So long Bulldogs, we will see you around.  Right now all we can think about is celebrating our victory tonight.  Did you see the smile on Saban’s face?  It’s a rare sight indeed.  Almost as rare as that leprechaun with a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow…Will the luck of the Irish prevail in Miami???

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See you in Miami B*&^%/!

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