A Hall of Fame Team

This weekend was the first Saturday of the fall where Penn Staters around the country sat down in front of their televisions and flipped through the channels, but did not find the Nittany Lions suited up, taking the field.  Although the season is now over for Penn State, the effects of this year and this team will never fade.

First, congratulations to our fearless leader, Bill O’Brien, for winning Big Ten Coach of the Year.  From sticking with us when many turned their backs, to coaching an 8-4 team who many thought would finish the season with just 2 wins, he’s been here unconditionally supporting Penn State and the players on the team.  We could not have asked for a better man, coach, or role model to lead our team to victory and our school to redemption.  Thank you Coach O’Brien for a fantastic season!

Secondly, bravo to all the players who received awards and honors both during the season and once it came to an end.  There have been some spectacular players to don the Penn State white and blue, and the boys on the 2012 team are right there with the greats.  They stayed with us and never stopped believing in what Penn State stands for – honor, integrity, scholarship, and community.  They bonded and brought the whole community together as One Team.  Of course, it wouldn’t have been the same without the 31 seniors leaders.  Thank you to the seniors for all you have done and for representing us with class and dignity both on and off the field this season.

It’s been one of the best seasons of Penn State football and this team, this coach, and this year will go down in history.  They made us all so proud and as Bill O’Brien says, they are all just “a bunch of …” fighters, whom we love and support!


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