Idiot Polls Become Idiot Bowls

Hey ND fans! Before I get into idiot polls and idiot bowls, I want to talk about awards.

My last post was all about ND players and what awards they were nominated for, well some of them have been decided and here they are!

Manti Te’o became the first ND player to win the Butkus award since its inception in 1985. He’s also won the Nagurski award (Top Defensive Player), also the first ND player to ever win it. Te’o made Athlon’s 1st team All-American. Another award to add to his growing collection is the 2012 Rotary Lombardi Award. A little tidbit is that Te’o is only the 2nd player in college football history to take home the Butkus, Nagurski, and Lombardi. Te’o has also been named to the Capital One Academic All-America Football team. Te’o also won the Walter Camp Award.

Tyler Eifert has won the John Mackey award for the nation’s top tight end.

Coach Bob Diaco has been named the winner of the Broyles Award for the nation’s top college assistant coach.

Brian Kelly is a finalist for the Liberty Mutual Coach of the Year. Kelly also won the Home Depot Coach of the Year.

Braxston Cave made Second-Team All-American Offense.

Stephon Tuitt made Second-Team All-American Defense.

Mike Golic, Jr. has been named to the Capital One Academic All-America Football Team.

Ok, so now that I’ve possibly bored you to death, let’s talk idiots.

I’ve made no secret in the last weeks how idiotic I find the BCS. The ranking is biased and if you ask me it’s a crooked system. There is way too much money involved and somebody somewhere is getting a huge payday. With that being said here is how the Idiot Polls have translated into (Idiot) Bowls.

NOTRE DAME (Ya baby!) will play Alabama January 7th, 2013 in Miami, FL at the National Championship (Go Irish!).

There are plenty of people upset about the next bowl, which is the Orange Bowl. A non-automatic qualifier made it into one of the big bowls. Lots of people say they don’t deserve it, but that is the problem with the BCS. WHO SAYS WHO DESERVES WHAT?!? Sorry for yelling, but I REALLY HATE THE BCS. OK, back on track. #15 Northern Illinois University will play #12 Florida State January 1st, 2013 in Miami, FL in the Orange bowl (Come On NIU! Bust the BCS!).
Here is a completely lopsided and ludicrous bowl selection. #3 Florida will play #21 Louisville in the Sugar Bowl on January 2nd, 2013 in New Orleans, LA (Let’s go Louisville!). Yes you read that right, #3 vs. #21. What sense does that make?!? Oh right I forgot, IT’S THE BCS! It isn’t supposed to make sense.

Unranked Wisconsin will play #6 Stanford in the Rose Bowl January 1st, 2013 in Pasadena, CA (You can do it Wisconsin!).

I believe this a great match up. These two teams were 1 and 2 for a bit and everybody speculated what a game between these two would be like. This game is like a mini-‘ship. #4 Oregon will play #5 Kansas State in the Fiesta Bowl January 3rd, 2013 in Glendale, AZ (a duck can kill a wildcat, right? Well, I’m hoping!).

#9 Texas A&M will play #11 Oklahoma in the Cotton Bowl January 4, 2013 in Arlington, TX (I don’t care who wins this).

#7 Georgia will play #16 Nebraska in the Capital One Bowl January 1st, 2013 in Orlando, FL (I don’t care who wins this either). On a side note. WHY DIDN’T GEORGIA SPIKE THE BALL INSTEAD OF RUNNING THAT IDIOTIC NOWHERE PLAY AT THE END OF THE GAME?!? Whew, I feel better. Seriously though, spiking it would have given them the chance to outline a really good play, but instead they ran a play that went to a receiver who wasn’t even in the end zone. Georgia totally could have won that game, if I were a Georgia fan I’d be so mad!

So there you go. All the idiocy you could ever want. The Heisman presentation is on Saturday; Te’o was officially listed as a finalist along with Johnny Maziel from T&AM and Colin Klein from K-State. You know who I’m rooting for. Te’o for Heisman!!

Thanks for reading my random thoughts and feelings on football. I really do appreciate each and every one of you. Besides my love for football, you girls are the reason I write these posts. Thanks for sticking with me and stay tuned for more greatness over here at Gridiron Girl!

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