Are you kidding me?

Are You Kidding Me?!?

The Seahawks beat the Cardinals 58-0. Are You Kidding Me?!? You couldn’t kick a field
goal or anything?!? You guys are supposed to be professionals and you couldn’t score
one single point?!? I guess that’s the reason you guys are 4-8 and at the bottom of your

The Sunday Night Football Jets-Chargers game was replaced with the Seahawks-49ers
game. Are You Kidding Me?!? That’s so awesome! You know your team sucks when
they are replaced on TV because nobody wants to watch them.

Cutler was “hurt” in the game against the Vikings Sunday, but expects to play against the
Packers. Are You Kidding Me?!? What is with this guy? If the Bears lose it’s because
Cutler got hurt or his O Line wasn’t protecting him or he had something in his eye or
there was a bird on the field.

Fans in Buffalo forgot to catch tight end Lee Smith after he scored a TD and leapt into
the stands and he fell. Are You Kidding Me?!? How do the fans forget to catch a player?
If you have seats at the end zone then you should expect somebody to jump up at any
time. Not only did the player look ridiculous, but the fans did too.

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  1. Easy Erica…………….. The issue here in Arizona is fifty plus years of lameduck ownership. At this point I would rather they finish out for a first round draft pick.

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