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Best of the NFL: Week 14

The Seahawks pulverized the Cardinals 58-0. I’m thinking John Skelton was out partying the night before, how else could you explain throwing 4 interceptions and having 74 yards passing for the day? Arizona was shut out for the first time since 2003 against…Seattle. That’s kind of weird. Arizona has lost 9 in a row now and it is my professional opinion (Yes, I am a professional) that Ken Whisenhunt should start looking for a new QB or a new job. Or both. Ya definitely both. The Cardinals are last in the NFC West and the Seahawks are 2nd.

Sam Bradford and his ridiculously overpaid contract threw a touchdown pass with 48 seconds left to help the Rams beat the Bills 15-12. That’s the second time this season that the Bills have blown a lead in the final minute of the game (the other time was against the Titans). Granted 1 minute in football time is longer than normal time, but still it’s 1 lousy minute. The Bills got the ball back and were trying to do something, but wouldn’t you know it, Fitzpatrick threw an interception. I think the Bills need a new defensive coordinator or head coach- or both. Or, a new team altogether. Can you do that? The Rams are 3rd in the NFC West while the Bills are last in the AFC East.

The Redskins beat the Ravens in overtime 31-28 with their backup QB! Now I know the Ravens don’t have the criminal twins on defense this week (Lewis and Suggs), but you allowed a last minute TD including a 2-pt conversion AND allowed them to get in field goal range in OT, which lost the game for you? I have to hand it to Kirk Cousins; he tied the game up late in the 4th (including a rushing 2-pt conversion) and led the Redskins on a game winning drive in OT. Who said backup QBs aren’t important? In other news, the Ravens fired their offensive coordinator and replaced him with Jim Caldwell (I wonder if that will help?). The Redskins are tied for 2nd in the NFC East while the Ravens are poised to take the AFC North.

The Browns beat the Chiefs 30-7, with the Chiefs’ only score coming in the 1st quarter. Brady Quinn hit a ref in the head with a pass, I wonder how that happens, isn’t the guy supposed to know where the ball is? Maybe he was busy with other stuff. The Browns are last in the AFC North and the Chiefs are last in the AFC West.

The Panthers handed the Falcons their 2nd loss for the season when they beat them 30-20 on Sunday. The Panthers said they got some revenge on Matt Ryan who they said disrespected them after the Falcons came from behind earlier this season to beat them 30-28. You’re 4-9 and last in the NFC South and they’re 11-2 and 1st in the NFC South, I don’t think they got your revenge message.

An Urlacher-less Bears lost to the Vikings 21-14 in an important divisional matchup. The Bears’ loss allowed the Packers to take control of the NFC North. Without Urlacher there to delve out some hits, Adrian Petersen ran all over the Bears’ defense. Cutler had 2 interceptions on the day, I wonder who he blamed the loss on this time? Pssst…Cutler, let me clue you in, YOU SUCK! You went 22 for 44 with 260 yards, 1 TD and 2 interceptions. I’m thinking you’re one of the big reasons you lost. The Bears are 2nd in the NFC North and the Vikings are 3rd, this is an exciting division to keep your eyes on.

The Cowboys came from behind to beat the Bengals 20-19. Romo actually did something right when he threw a TD pass to Dez Bryant and then got the offense in field goal range so Bailey could kick the game winning FG. It was an emotional day for the Cowboys who found out about teammate Jerry Brown’s death on their flight to Cincinnati. On a side note it looks like idiocy runs in the Ryan family as defensive coordinator Rob Ryan (Rex Ryan’s brother) drew an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on the Cowboys’ bench after he yelled at a Bengals player, what a tool. The Cowboys are tied for 2nd in the NFC East while the Bengals are tied for 2nd in the AFC North.

I’m going to start calling Andrew Luck the comeback kid. The Colts came back from a 13 point second half deficit to beat the Titans 27-23. Luck has engineered 6 fourth-quarter comebacks this season. If I were a defensive coordinator of the remaining opponents of the Colts, I’d be practicing 1, 2, and 4-minute defensive drills to avoid the comeback issue so many teams have had against Luck. The Colts are 9-4 and 2nd in the AFC South while the Titans fall to 4-9 and 3rd in the AFC South.

The Jets beat the Jaguars 17-10 WITH Mark Sanchez. The Jets were shut out at halftime, but managed to score 17 points in the second half. Sanchez didn’t have any interceptions (surprise, surprise) or touchdown passes (not a surprise). The Jets kept their postseason hopes alive with this win while the Jags probably cried in the locker room because they’re 2-11. The Jets are second in the AFC East while the Jaguars are last in the AFC South.

The Chargers beat a Steelers team that included their starting QB Ben Roethlisberger 34-24. Both Rivers and Roethlisberger had 3 TDs and San Diego snapped a 4 game losing streak. The win was San Diego’s first in 15 regular-season visits to Pittsburgh. I said a couple of weeks ago that Norv Turner should start looking for a job, well I hope he took my advice because the Chargers announced that both Norv Turner and general manager A.J. Smith will be fired at the end of the season. The Steelers are tied for 2nd in the AFC North. It’s amazing that a team who is 5-8 can still be second in their division, how bad must the AFC West be?

The Eagles snapped an 8 game losing streak when they beat the Buccaneers 23-21. Nick Foles threw a TD with 3:55 to go and then the Eagle’s defense forced a punt and scored on a 64-yard game winning drive. Colt Anderson from Butte, Montana (ya baby!) started the game for the Eagles and had 5 tackles. Way to go Colt! The Eagles are last in the NFC East and the Bucs are 2nd in the NFC South.

The 49ers beat the Dolphins 27-13 in what appeared to be a contest of which QB could get less passing yards. Kaepernick had 185 while Tannehill had 150, so Tannehill wins that sucky contest. I was really hoping Miami would win, Alex Smith got hosed and deserves to have the starting position back. If the 49ers lost then maybe Harbaugh the Horrible would see the error of his ways, but alas they won so the injustice will live on for at least another week. The 49ers are first in the NFC West while the Dolphins are last in the AFC East.

The Saints had their footballs handed to them by the Giants with a final score of 52-27. The Saints turned the ball over four times 2 of which were interceptions by Drew Brees. Manning threw 4 TD passes to Brees’ one, this loss pretty much ended the Saints’ playoff hopes. The Giants maintain a one game lead to remain 1st in the NFC East. Interim head coach Joe Vitt called the loss ‘an embarrassment’, umm ya I’d say so.

Green Bay took home a win to propel them to 1st in the NFC North when they beat the Lions 27-20. It seemed like a weird game, Rodgers didn’t have a TD pass, but did have the longest TD run of his career. Rodgers only had 173 passing yards on the day, but it was enough to give Green Bay their 22nd straight home win over the Lions. I’m adding Lions’ head coach Jim Schwartz to my list of People That Should Look For A New Job. The Lions are now in last place in the NFC North with a record of 4-9, those stats don’t scream job security to me.

It was a key AFC matchup on Monday Night Football between the Patriots and the Texans. Wasn’t much of a contest though when the Patriots beat the Texans 42-14. This was the 20th win in December at home for the Patriots, which is the longest winning streak in the NFL for the month of December. This was Brady’s 14th game with 4 or more TD passes (he had 4 in this game) with no interceptions. 14 is the most in NFL history. This loss snaps the Texans 6 game-winning streak. The Texans are 1st in the AFC South while the Pats are the 1st in the AFC East.

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