Are You Kidding Me?!?

Bret Bielema left Wisconsin to coach at Arkansas and will not be coaching his team in the Rose Bowl. Are You Kidding Me?!? I’m all for new opportunities and bettering yourself, but did he have to do it now? He couldn’t have waited until one of the biggest bowl games in college football was over? I feel bad for the kids; to leave them in a lurch like that was inexcusable. He isn’t the first to do this either and I say if you make a commitment stick with it. Those kids deserve better.


Arizona’s QB threw two touchdown passes in 46 seconds to lift Arizona over Nevada in the New Mexico Bowl. Are You Kidding Me?!? That’s crazy! Two touchdowns in 46 seconds is crazy awesome and not heard of. I didn’t really care who won this game, but it’s an impressive feat for a bunch of college kids to come out and pull something like that off. Way to go Arizona!


Danny Amendola of the St. Louis Rams spiked the ball after scoring a touchdown and hit an usher in the face causing his glasses to virtually explode! Are You Kidding Me?!? When you watch the replay it’s such a weird occurrence. Nobody is to blame, but it looked so painful. Amendola tried to make it up to the usher and handed him the ball after he caught a pass for a 2-point conversion, but unfortunately it wasn’t the same guy he hit. Me thinks next time you should make sure you are apologizing to the right guy before making any gestures.



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