Best of the NFL: Week 15

The Bengals beat the Eagles in Thursday Night Football 34-13. I think the Eagles offense forgot that they were supposed to keep the ball in order to win the game after they turned the ball over 5 times. The Eagles led the Bengals at halftime 13-10, but were unable to score any points the rest of the game. Turnovers definitely proved to be the Eagles’ undoing and with this loss the Eagles fell to 4-10 and are last in the NFC East. The Bengals are 8-6 and currently 2nd in the AFC North. The AFC North hasn’t been sewn up yet so there is still a chance!


The Broncos dominated the Ravens after beating them 34-17. The Ravens were scoreless at halftime and then managed to only score 17 points in the second half. Joe Flacco threw an interception that was returned 98 yards for a TD. This was the Ravens’ first game under new offensive coordinator Jim Caldwell. The Ravens have lost 3 straight now. The Broncos are 11-3 and 2nd in the AFC and have clinched the AFC West and the Ravens at 9-5 have secured a wild card spot, but have not secured the AFC North quite yet.


The Cowboys beat the Steelers 27-24 in OT on Sunday after Roethlisberger threw an interception in OT that lead to a 21-yard field goal. The Steelers are in a little bit of a rut after losing 4 or their last 5 games. The Cowboys who are 8-6 are in a 3-way tie for the NFC East with the Giants and the Redskins (not a stellar division, eh?). The Steelers are 7-7 and in 3rd place in the AFC North.


The Raiders shut out the Chiefs in what proved to be a contest of which team could stay out of the end zone for the whole game. That contest resulted in a tie when neither team managed to score a TD. Janikowski kicked and made 5 field goals (which probably earned him a bundle in fantasy points) making the final score 15-0. The Chiefs are 2-12 and last in the AFC West while the Raiders are 4-10 and 3rd in the AFC West. I think this game was a contest to see who could secure a better spot in the draft order. Hey Chiefs, you and the Jaguars are winning that contest league wide hands down.


An RG3-less Redskins routed the Browns 38-21. Rookie QB Kirk Cousins played a great game after throwing for 329 yards and 2 TDs and only 1 interception. It isn’t known yet if RG3 will be ready next week for their game against the Eagles (not much prep time needed there guys). The Redskins who are 8-6 are in a 3-way tie for the NFC East and the Browns who are 5-9 are last in the AFC North.


The Packers secured the NFC North after they beat the Bears 21-13. The Packers are 10-4 and have won 6 in a row against the Bears in one of NFL’s oldest and fiercest rivalries. The Bears at 8-6 are tied for 2nd with the Vikings in the NFC North. Lovie Smith is being added to my list of People Who Should Look For A New Job. This list is getting pretty long this year folks. I wonder what kind of tantrum Cutler threw this time after the loss? Maybe there was bird on the field; yep that’s why he threw for only 135 yards and 1 TD and an interception.


The Texans beat the Colts 29-17 in a key divisional matchup. There was no last minute game winning drive that Luck has become so famous for as the Texans were able to neutralize Indy’s QB that has become famous for his ability to expose weaknesses in defenses. Luck was sacked 3 times by J.J. Watt and the Texans were able to get back a little pride after the killing they received at Gillette Stadium last week. The Colts are 9-5 and currently 2nd in the AFC South while the Texans are 1st in the AFC and the AFC South. The Colts needed a win to clinch a playoff berth; I guess we’ll see what happens next week when they play the Chiefs (I’m trying really hard not to laugh right now).


The Miami Dolphins beat the Jaguars 24-3 thus proving everybody’s theory that the Jaguars want the #1 draft pick next year. This game wasn’t sloppy or full of turnovers, it was just good old fashioned football in which the Miami Dolphins proved they are a better team than the Jaguars (not that hard to do this year). The Dolphins are 6-8 and 3rd in the AFC East while the Jaguars are 2-12 and last in the AFC South.


The Vikings showed everyone why Sam Bradford doesn’t deserve his ridiculous contract after they beat the Rams 36-22. Adrian Petersen is 294 yards shy of breaking the NFL’s single-season rushing record set by Eric Dickerson in 1984. Petersen has 2 games to try and break the record, it’ll be interesting to watch. The Vikings are 8-6 and tied for 2nd in the NFC North while the Rams are 6-7 and 3rd in the NFC West.


The Saints shut out the Buccaneers beating them 41-0. Josh Freeman had one of his worst games since becoming a Buc after he threw 4 interceptions and lost a fumble. I’m sure fantasy owners are not very happy with Freeman after this game. On a happy note Garrett Hartley, the Saints’ kicker, got me a ton of fantasy points after he kicked and made 2 field goals and 5 extra points. This loss virtually ended the Bucs’ already small chances of a post season. Coach Bryan Cox got into a heated discussion with a ref and linebacker Adam Hayward intervened, apparently Cox didn’t like that too much and the two started pushing each other. Call me crazy, but I don’t think it’s a good sign for any team when a coach and a player get physical with each other (and not in the Olivia Newton-John sense). They are 6-8 and 3rd in the NFC South. The Saints are also 6-8 and 2nd in the NFC South.


The defending SuperBowl Champions were shut out by the best team in the NFC 34-0. It was the first shut out for the Giants since 1996. Eli Manning had 2 interceptions and no TD passes while Matt Ryan threw 3 TD passes and no interceptions. The Falcons are 12-2 and have already clinched the NFC South while the Giants who are 8-6 are engaged in a battle for the NFC East.


The Seahawks went to another country and killed the Bills 50-17. Wilson is strengthening his rookie of the year campaign after he rushed for 3 touchdowns and threw one. He had no interceptions. The Bills were eliminated from playoff contention with this loss (like we didn’t see that coming) for the 13th consecutive season, which is the NFL’s longest active postseason drought. Seattle is 9-5 and one game behind the 49ers in the NFC West while the Bills are 5-9 and last in the AFC East.


The Panthers beat the Chargers 31-7 thus exhibiting exactly why Norv Turner and general manager A.J. Smith are most likely losing their jobs at the end of the season. This loss eliminated the Chargers from playoff contention (umm I thought they already had been eliminated). Philip Rivers lost a fumble, that is his 21st turnover this season (Say what?) and his 46th in less than 2 seasons (Say what?!?). Somebody remind me why he’s the starter again. The Chargers are 5-9 and 2nd in the AFC West (man that division sucks) and the Panthers are also 5-9 and last in the NFC South.


The Cardinals semi-redeemed themselves this week after they beat the Lions 38-10. It’s semi-redemption because well they beat the Lions and they were beat 58-0 last week. Matthew Stafford threw 2 pick 6s and another interception that set up Arizona for a TD. Matthew Stafford is now on my list of People Who Should Look For A New Job. Arizona scored another TD after the Lions muffed a punt; it just wasn’t a pretty game for the Lions. The Lions are 4-10 and last in the NFC North while the Cardinals are 5-9 and last in the NFC West.


The 49ers clinched a playoff berth after they beat the Patriots 41-34. It was a rare sloppy game for New England as Brady was intercepted twice and both Ridley and Vereen lost a fumble (that cost me on fantasy points). The Patriots made a stunning comeback after they were down 31-3 at one point and then tied it up in the 4th quarter. It wasn’t enough however to stop Harbaugh the Horrible from snapping their 7 game winning streak and handing the Pats their first loss at home in December in 21 games. The 49ers play Seattle next weekend in what promises to be an exciting game of who gets solid control of the NFC West. The 49ers are 10-3 and 1st in the NFC West by a game. The Pats who have already clinched their division are 10-4 and 3rd in the AFC.


The Titans eliminated the Jets from playoff contention after beating them 14-10 in Monday Night Football. Mark Sanchez, who I can’t believe still has a job, threw 4 interceptions and lost a fumble. Sanchez was sacked 3 times and Tebow was sacked once. Chris Johnson had a 94-yard rushing touchdown, which is the NFL’s longest since 2006. The Jets are 6-8 and 2nd in the AFC East (that conference can’t be that good) and the Titans are 4-9 and 3rd in the AFC South.

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