Heaven Help Us All!

Well here we are again.  On the eve of the holidays and what else?  Oh yea, the BCS NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!  So it’s been a long road and I want to thank my readers for sticking with me through the good times and the occasional, but not too often, bad ones.

This is a championship of epic proportions people.  This is Alabama versus Notre Dame.  If you could pick any two schools to play in this game, I would pick these two.  So rich in history and winning traditions, between the two, they have 27 combined National Championships.  That just seems crazy huh?  WINNING

I can just hear Notre Dame’s quarterback, Everett Golson shouting to his team “we must stop the run!”  Which is probably exactly what our quarterback, A.J. McCarron is saying.  NOT!  Considering how hit or miss Everett Golson has been this year, being benched three times, A.J. is most likely saying “let’s see if we can get him benched again!”

I do think these are two well matched teams.  Manti Te’o is their senior middle linebacker and was also a Heisman finalist, (however he did not win, because of the name I refuse to speak out loud won the award) so he will be the major contender in this game.  Can you believe some guy even set up a Facebook page trying to get his baby momma to name their unborn daughter Manti??  HEAVEN HELP US ALL!

I have to imagine that just like with Georgia, Nick Saban will pull out every trick he has in his book.  But I believe it will be a cold day in Miami before anyone gets the slip on St. Saban.  Thanks to a hefty offensive line that consists of Barrett Jones, D.J. Fluker and Chance Warmack, I doubt anyone, even Manti, will get their hands on our beloved AJ.  All three of those guys are expected to go off to the NFL draft next year.  Good luck to those guys, they have served us well.  I also heard that AJ will come back to Bama for one more year, which after no doubt he will go off to the NFL as well.

I expect to see a flurry of plays, including pass plays to Cooper and running plays with Yeldon and Lacy.  I have also noticed that Mister Eddie Lacy has become quite the role model all around the football world.  His spin move has made him famous and I read more about it each day.  Who knew something as simple as agility could make you stand out amongst the rest?  Apparently Eddie knew.  I cannot wait to see the look on the eyes of the Irish when they see him spin down the field.

Go ahead and check out our best tail gate recipes and don’t forget to make a fresh pot of sweet tea, you are going to need it.  These two teams battle it out on January 7th in Miami.  And may the best (Bama) man win!



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