Who’s Going to the Playoffs and Who Still Has A Chance?

The NFC playoff picture is a little more open than the AFC.


Going to the playoffs for in the NFC:


Falcons – have clinched NFC South and home field advantage throughout the playoffs.


Green Bay – have clinched NFC North and a playoff spot.


49ers – have not clinched the NFC West, but have clinched a playoff berth. The division title is going to come down to the last game of the season.


Seahawks – have not clinched division, but have clinched a wildcard in the playoffs for sure. We’ll be watching the NFC West to see what happens, it’ll be exciting!


The NFC East has not been clinched yet. The Redskins who are 9-6 lead the Cowboys and Giants who are 8-7 by a game.

There is one wild card spot left in the NFC and right now the Vikings look to be in the best position to win it. In the hunt though are the Bears, Cowboys, and Giants. Any one of those 3 teams have a good chance at taking the wild card spot as Green Bay travels to Minnesota for the final game of the season. The Bears play the Lions (shouldn’t be too hard), the Cowboys play the Redskins in an important divisional matchup and the Cowboys can clinch the NFC East if they beat the Redskins, and the Giants play a self-destructing Eagles who will have Vick back as the starting QB after Nick Foles broke his hand on Sunday. It will be an exciting day of football!

Everyone else in the NFC is playing for the chance to keep their jobs and trying to convince fans to buy tickets to games next year.


The AFC is all sewn up, now the top seeds are playing for first-round byes and home field advantage.


Going to the playoffs in the AFC:


Houston Texans – clinched the AFC South and are trying to win home field advantage throughout the playoffs and/or a first-round bye.


Broncos – have clinched the AFC West and are trying to win home field advantage and/or a first-round bye.


Patriots – have clinched the AFC East and are hoping that the Texans and/or the Broncos lose so they can get a first-round bye and/or home field advantage in the playoffs.


On Sunday the Ravens clinched the AFC North.


The current wildcard spots are occupied by the Colts and the Bengals, everyone else in the AFC is playing for draft order and a little bit of dignity.

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