Let’s Bowl!

I had my fingers crossed pretty hard for a WVU/Pitt match-up in the Pinstripe Bowl, but it turns out I was only half right. The New Era Pinstripe Bowl pitts (see what I did there?) the 7th place team from the Big 12 against the 4th place team from the Big East. Sadly, or should I say, as expected, Pitt couldn’t manage to even have a winning season, let alone finish in 4th place. So, they’re playing in the Cereal Bowl this year. Ok, actually it’s the BBVA Compass Bowl, otherwise known as One of the Bowl Games No One Watches. Technically WVU finished in 8th place in the Big 12, but we got the invite to the Pinstripe Bowl anyway because we’re awesome Texas Tech, the 7th place team, accepted an invite to the Meineke Car Care Bowl, which is a slightly more prestigious bowl game than the Pinstripe Bowl. I think. It’s all very confusing. I just know that football season isn’t over yet, and that’s a good thing.

Honestly, I’m having a hard time mustering up a lot of excitement for this game. For one, I mean… it’s Syracuse. *yawn* We’ve played them a bazillion times already and we usually beat them-except for the last two match-ups, but that’s not important right now. What is important is that there will be NFL scouts there so Geno Smith, Tavon Austin, and Stedman Bailey will be playing their cute little butts off. Not only that, the Mountaineers have something to prove after a, shall we say, lackluster season.

I think it looks pretty good for a Mountaineer victory. The Syracuse defense is not very highly ranked, so our offense should be able to get the job done. And our defense… OMG guesswhatyouguys, I’m so excited! The Defensive Coaching Gods have listened to my pleas and next season we will have only one defensive coordinator, instead of two. I assume they had an arm-wrestling match or something to see who it would be, and the winner was Keith Patterson. You know, that guy from Pitt. But, I’m officially, as of this moment, going to stop maligning him for being from Pitt. Instead, I’m going to respect him for leaving the Wrong team to come to the Right team. Oh, but I’m not finished celebrating… we’re also getting a new coach for the cornerbacks! Merry Christmas to me!

Given the defensive struggles on both sides, I expect to see a fairly high scoring game. The weather in Yankee Stadium is going to be cold with a 90% chance of snow/sleet, so I also expect to see lots of slipping and sliding around.

And don’t fret, football fans. We may be heading into the off season, but we still have lots of good stuff planned for you. I’ll be posting weekly or so throughout the off season. There’s always a reason to talk about football. Sometimes players get drafted by the NFL, sometimes they get arrested, and sometimes the Mountaineer shoots a black bear with the game musket that everyone thought was fake. The fun never ends!

Hey, before you go, make sure you check out the main page, because we have a few surprises for you NFL fans, too.


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