It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Happy Bowl Season!  This has always been one of my favorite times of year.  New Year’s Day in my house means plopping down in front of the television at noon and going from one game to the next while eating some delicious, unhealthy, greasy tailgating food all day.  The Rose Bowl is always a favorite, and of course whichever bowl features Penn State.  In my family, we also always tune in to watch the bowl where Northwestern is playing …shout out to my sister and her alma mater!

Bowl season means following schools I never even thought about playing against my favorite schools.  It means questioning why some of these random bowls exist.  And who in the world picked the names?  Some of the best examples include: Beef ‘O’ Brady’s Bowl, Bowl, and Famous Idaho Potato Bowl.  I totally understand the point of advertising…but couldn’t we be a little more creative here people?

Next up I love to see some of the really strange mascots from unfamiliar schools like the University of Toledo whose mascot is Rocky the Rocket OR Rocksy the Rocket.  Are they talking about a space ship?  Then there’s my favorite, the TCU, aka Texas Christian University, SuperFrog.  I’m so scared.

My other favorite aspect of Bowl Season is the massive amount of food consumed.  Whether you go out to a bar and keep ordering appetizers so that you can hold your table through all four quarters, or whether you and your dad devour a batch of buffalo chicken dip that was made for a family of 6, it’s not a true bowl experience without the feast.  After all the pizza, wings, burgers, fries, and beers are consumed, if you are actually able to get up off the couch, you’re not fully celebrating bowl season.

As Bowl Season approaches, unfortunately I will not be able to sit down and cheer on my Nittany Lions…ahemmmm, thank you Mark Emmert…but my dad and I will still no doubt be flipping back and forth between the numerous games for a solid 10-12 hours come New Year’s Day.  So go out, stay in, have a party, and have a very Happy Bowl Season!

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