Black Monday

It is known as Black Monday around the NFL. The day after the last regular season games and it is known who gets to try to for the Super Bowl and who gets….nothing. For a lot of these teams the firings were a no brainer-there are some teams that should have fired people and didn’t or they didn’t fire the right people. Lucky for you, I have the scoop on all of the firings so far and I’m going to give my sarcastic and mostly humorous  (I hope) take on the whole situation. Without further adieu, it is my official list of People Who Are Looking For A New Job!

The Philadelphia Eagles fired Andy Reid after 14 seasons with the team. While I have nothing personal against Andy Reid I do believe it was time for a change for the Eagles. I wish Andy Reid much luck in his future coaching pursuits.

The San Diego Chargers fired coach Norv Turner and general manager A.J. Smith. Finally! My gosh this team has been floundering for a while. Another change they need to make is GET A NEW QUARTERBACK! He Sucks! I don’t care about stats and records, who cares about those numbers when you aren’t winning the games that matter? Ask Brady or Manning or Favre if they would trade their stats and records for more Super Bowl wins. I can tell you their answer would be a resounding YES! Your QB rating or passer rating don’t matter when you lose and don’t get into the playoffs. Get a QB that’s hungry for a win and that wants to be a leader.

The Kansas City Chiefs fired Romeo Crennel who has endured a tragic year with the Chiefs. I don’t agree with this decision. I know that the NFL is a business of wins and losses and at 2-14 the Chiefs certainly failed. He was the coach for only a year though. I think it takes more than a year to showcase your coaching skills and it certainly takes more than a year to turn a franchise around. I’m not upper management though and nobody called to ask what I thought (I’m still wondering why). There is no word yet on whether general manager Scott Pioli’s job is safe. He could lose his job and in all fairness I think he should.

The Buffalo Bills have fired their head coach Chan Gailey, they have decided to keep general manager Buddy Nix, but he has been stripped of his authority. The Bills’ issues go deeper than the coach. The Bills have the longest running NFL postseason drought. The Bills haven’t made an appearance in the post-season in 13 seasons. Yep, 13 seasons. The last time they were in the post season was when Clinton was President. Chan Gailey hasn’t been the coach that long, but somebody doing the hiring and making key decisions that has been in the organization that long is certainly a problem.

The Arizona Cardinals have fired coach Ken Whisenhunt and general manager Rod Graves after the Cards went 5-11 this season. The Cardinals are a mess all around. They have issues at QB too. Whisenhunt has been the coach for 6 years and got the Cardinals to the only Super Bowl the franchise has ever seen. 6 years is long enough to prove yourself as a head coach or not in this guys’ case.

Ok this one kills me. The New York Jets have fired Mike Tannenbaum, but kept Rex Ryan. What sense does that make?!? The guy makes bad decisions on the field and in the locker room. Ryan has been the coach since 2009 and as far as I know the only thing he has proved is that he can make a mess of his QB lineup. Again, nobody asked my advice, but the Jets have been experiencing big issues for years. They need to clean house and that includes a coach who as far as I’ve seen is selfish and doesn’t demand enough discipline from his players.

The Cleveland Browns have fired coach Pat Shurmur and general manager Tom Heckert Jr. was told he is being fired as well. Earlier this year the Browns changed ownership and management and I think it’s a good thing to change the coach and general manager as well. You need a team that is cohesive and you can get that if everybody is on the same wavelength and understands the expectations beforehand. I’m interested to see how the situation in Cleveland progresses.

The Jacksonville Jaguars have fired general manager Gene Smith following a 2-14 season (ouch). The fate of head coach Mike Mularkey rests on the new general manager and what they decide to do.

In a move I found surprising, the Chicago Bears have fired head coach Lovie Smith. He’s been head coach of the Bears for 9 years. The Bears finished 10-6, which isn’t too bad of a record. They missed the playoffs when the Minnesota Vikings beat the Green Bay Packers last Sunday and secured the last NFC Wild Card spot. The Bears have issues that I don’t believe are Smith’s fault, I think it’s a management and ownership issue, but hey Lovie Smith is a good coach and will go somewhere else and probably take them to the Super Bowl. Put that in your pipe and smoke it Phil Emery.

We will keep you updated on all of the hirings and firings going on in the NFL! Happy New Year from Gridirongirl!

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