Racy Lacy's Got it Covered

There is little doubt that I will not be getting any sleep this week.  Luckily, I already had my nails did, so I won’t be chewing off my poor, pitiful real nails.  With that out of the way, I am steadily prepping for the big game.  “What else is there to do but wait?” you may ask…  Oh honey, there is lots to do and you better start getting ready too Sugar!!

Most likely you will be having friends over and there is a list of things you will need for that!  Red Solo Cups, plates, wings, sauces, celery, ribs, etc.  Make your list and go shopping NOW.  You can’t waste time the day of the game looking for the ingredients that will already be gone off the shelves.  You cannot risk missing even a minute prior to the kick off, this is just too important!  You must also wear whatever shirt you have worn this year when the Tide had a big win.  Whatever shirt you were wearing the day that Alabama played Texas A&M… BURN IT…NOW…SERIOUSLY.  Thank you.

This game is so EPIC, Sports Illustrated decided to nix their “Picture of the Year” cover of Michael Phelps for a regional Alabama cover of Eddie Lacy celebrating in the end zone… just for us Southern Bamers.  I was happy relieved FLIPPING ECSTATIC!  Because frankly, as much as I love the Olympics and Michael Phelps for his awesomeness, I could care less that he was on the cover.  However, when I knew Mister Lacy was going to make his cover premiere, I was shaking with excitement.  It made a beautiful cover, really it did.  It left me thinking  “Michael who?  Picture of the what Year?  Huh?”  Now I have a life-sized Eddie Lacy cover in my cube and I can stare at all week, dreamily…SORRY!  I got side tracked y’all!  All I know is that ALABAMA IS PLAYING FOR THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP AGAIN!  Sorry everyone, but this week, that is all I can think about.

I know, I have already given you my sport prediction on how I think things will go and I still stand by that.  While Notre Dame has only allowed 2 rushing touchdowns (touchdowns made by players who run the ball into the end zone) all year, I have a feeling that when they meet an ‘all better’ Barrett Jones and DJ Fluker, they will get worn down and Eddie Lacy and TJ Yeldon will dance into the end zone on more than one occasion, and most likely in the latter part of the game.  I still feel that the Irish will attempt a few sacks on AJ, but frankly I don’t think even their biggest guys are big enough to take him down.  That is if they can even get through our brick house of an offensive line led by Senior Chance Warmack. Predictions have Alabama winning by a touchdown.  However, if I were a betting woman, I would say it’s going to be an Irish hair’s tad more than that.  I think it will be by a touchdown or two and a couple of field goals.  Guess we shall see!

I have a special treat for all of you true Bama fans and Grid Iron Girls out there!  I will be posting it later in the week and it is NOT A POST TO BE MISSED!  Kind of like this game!  Let’s get ready to ROLL!!!!!!!!!

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