Redemption in the Desert…And a Lot More

With a pretty green and yellow bow, the Ducks’ season comes to an end. I know, I know it hurts, it really does; but we have so much to be excited about-especially after last night!

Next to heaven, I cannot imagine a better place to be (as a Duck fan) than at the Fiesta Bowl last night! It was absolutely amazing from the first 10 seconds when DAT took a little stroll 96 yards down the field for a touchdown! Having been in the same place for the BCS Championship in 2011, I was beyond excited, but cautiously optimistic. The atmosphere was much like that 2011 Natty game- Oregon fans out-numbered by a sea of purple cheering on their Heisman contender QB, but trying throwing up our “O”s and cheer as loud as we could! It was hard not to feel like the underdog- like the whole world expected us to fight, but not to win. This time though, things just seemed to go our way…all night.

I know we could talk forever about all the playmakers last night and how the defense proved they can play too. And, I could really gloat about Mr. Island Finesse himself, Marcus Mariota, but I won’t. Last night’s win was more than just an awesome football game. It finally showed the nation the Ducks are more than just a fast, flashy bunch of kids who can get close to top. Last night, they proved they can not only hang with the best, but they can beat the best. I know they were favored by 7, but I really don’t think the rest of the country expected such a dominant win. I knew it would take shutting down a top QB and his troops before the Ducks would gain the respect they deserve. Job well-done Ducks. Thank you for proving to the rest of the country, what Duck Nation already knew.

The Elephant in the Room

I know things are a little nerve-wracking right now. As hard as we try to ignore it and appreciate last night’s victory, we all know change is likely coming. You’d have to be hibernating to not hear all the rumors and speculation about things to come. Chip may leave to the NFL, the NCAA may throw down the gauntlet, giving Oregon crippling sections, and some of our beloved players (*ahem*…Kenjon Barner) will move on to the next level. I’m not sure what will happen, or what changes are in store. There’s a whole lot of speculation, and I doubt anyone, but Chip and the UO head honchos really know what the future holds. What I do know is that I, along with the rest of you, will hold my breath, hope for the best and fill you in as I can.

Why it’ll be OK

Losing Chip Kelly would be a tough loss, but I do think the assistant coaches, many of whom have been there for years, can hold down the fort. They are well-trained and have been an essential part of Oregon’s success. Remember how sad we all were to lose Bellotti? The program will move on, taking Chip’s lessons with them, and building up on them. I’m a firm believer that when one door closes, another one opens.

Losing Kenjon and the rest of his senior teammates will also be a tough loss- losing seniors always is. Thankfully, they have all helped the younger guys, who should be ready to step right in. Or, in the case of DAT, continue being the star he already is. While I’m here, I might as well add that Marcus Mariota will be back. Keeping that in mind immediately soothes any fear. Look at what he accomplished as a FRESHMAN? I can’t wait to see what the rest of his college career holds. #Mariota4President.

We will be OK.

It’s been a fun ride Oregon gridirongirls! What a great day to be a Duck. Enjoy the day, throw up your “O’s” and stay tuned…..

Go Ducks!



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