'Haters Gonna Hate’ Y’all!

Let’s face it, haters are going to hate.  Nothing we can do about, but to be a bigger person and turn the other cheek.  It’s almost a form of bullying really.  I remember being a young kid and crying my eyes out for some reason I don’t even remember and my Dad patting me on the back and saying “don’t worry about what other folks think about you, they are just jealous!”  Well I can say as a young kid I had NO IDEA what that meant.  Or why anyone would be jealous of me for any reason.  However, now as an older, much wiser woman with kids myself, I can clearly see now the point he was trying to make.  The point he was making is that “No matter what you do in life, there are going to be people who are there to put you down, step on you, beat you up physically and mentally simply because you are doing well and they don’t want to see that, they want to see you fail.”  In other words “Haters gonna hate.”

So, let the year of hating the Alabama Crimson Tide begin.  People talk about how obnoxious Alabama fans are and I agree with that (most of those people have never been to a Major League Soccer game, but for the sake of argument I will agree with them) but wow, they are not alone.  After being up for 22 straight hours and working on Alabama football for much of that time, when all was said and done, I took a deep breath and slept.  When I woke up I did not watch Sports Center and I did not go to the internet to read any sports.  By now, I have had time to rest, sleep and reset my mind.

Yes, I am extremely happy Alabama came out with a win.  I am happy for so many reasons I cannot count.  As a Bama fan, a blogger, a photographer, a writer, an editor and for everything in between, they made my job a lot easier to do this year and I am thankful for that.  I am proud of the team of young men that went to work, and got the job done in an almost flawless game.  They deserved that trophy and it showed.

Now I am not about to sit here and bash Notre Dame.  I am just NOT that person.  Notre Dame was undefeated, they were the team to beat.  Alabama simply rose to the occasion and did that.  I am not exactly sure what happened to Notre Dame and I don’t really care.  I think everyone, including Notre Dame fans, were wondering the same thing.  Manti Te’o, the Heisman candidate that I had my eye on all year, wasn’t even a factor, much less an obstacle.  My heart went out to this guy after the game as I watched in him post game interviews.  You could tell by the look on his face he was just sick, disappointed by himself.  I am not sure what happened, just like I wasn’t sure what happened to Alabama the night Texas A&M won.  Everyone has an “off” day and we even have “on” days, just ask Johnny Manziel.

So I am not going to hate on Notre Dame.  Notre Dame is as rich in football history as Alabama.  I think both teams, their players, staff, fans, band members, cheerleaders, and students were excited just to be in the game!  It was a long season for both teams.  My point is, I really hate to hear that Alabama ‘hate’ by Notre Dame and Auburn fans.  It seems so unnecessary to me.  Things like “well anyone can play football at Alabama” or “Notre Dame expects their players to do well academically as well as athletically.”  OH REALLY?  So Notre Dame is the ONLY school in the whole nation that requires their athletes to make good grades in order to play?  These statements are simply BS excuses.

If there is one way to make me mad, it’s to insinuate that just because I, or anyone else, must be stupid because we are from the South. We must have grown up on a farm with no education and born with a football in our hands.

So it happened, I am ticked, and now I am here to set the record straight.

No, not just anyone can play football for Alabama.  And no, not just any idiot can get in to school there.  I know this first hand because I was accepted there.  I had a 3.5 GPA, I was 3rd in my class, I scored a 21 on my ACT and I was in every possible club at my high school I could be in and I was still worried I may not make it in!  You say you aren’t talking about me,  you are talking about the players?  No, you are talking about ANYONE who has ever attended school there.  Now my teenage son wants to go to school there.  While he has always been a good student, we are still pushing him to be better, because getting in to school there is NOT easy.  And no, I am not stupid or uneducated, nor is any player for the Crimson Tide.  As a matter of fact, a good portion of the guys on the Alabama roster are not even FROM Alabama.  But for the time being they are calling Alabama home, and I DARE you to call one of them dumb or stupid to their face or to even say to them “oh, anyone can play football at Alabama” I think they would probably DISAGREE.  So for THE LOVE…come up with some other excuse to HATE if you must.  However, do not say that it’s because those kids are dumb or that anyone could play football in Alabama.  Or that getting in to Alabama is the equivalent of getting into a community college.  If ANYONE could do it, they wouldn’t have the number one football team, softball team, gymnastics team, etc…..

From what I know about Nick Saban, he does not put up with any BS from his players.  If you cannot get your head in the game, stay out of trouble and keep your grades up then you simply will not play for him.  He expects perfection and his team emulates him in that fashion.  If you don’t believe me, just ask AJ McCarron and Barrett Jones who got into a shoving match when they were up by 35 points in the 4th quarter over a missed count!  Saban demands perfection from his team for the beginning of the first quarter to the end of the fourth and every second in between.  He expects it on the field and in the classroom and so does his team.  If you don’t believe that, feel free to ask the young men who got sent home from Miami for getting a little crazy and enjoying Miami BEFORE the win.  The seniors on the team made the decision to send those boys home.  After the game, the announcers asked AJ about that and he simply said something like “they were not here to take care of business and you just have to be ready to take care of business, win the game and THEN you celebrate.”  You realize AJ is only 22 years old right?  Because he was raised right and has had such a great mentor in Coach Saban, he has matured beyond his years.  Perfection.

So if you want to argue with perfection, go right ahead and waste all your energy being negative.  I, on the other hand, simply do not want negativity in my life.  So if you are going to hate, go on ahead and do it, but by all means find a REAL reason to do it!

Enough said…I think I’ll go shopping now!

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  1. Tracy,
    Some how I ended up on your site so thought I would comment. I have a different perspective. I’m a Vandy grad, ’73 and now a Bama dad with a daughter who is a soph down in Tuscaloosa studying Chem Engineering and enjoying the Crimson life. We live in Cincinnati and get to interact with the Domer fans alot more than you do and she and I went to Miami for the game, as we did last year to see Bama-LSU in NO.
    I don’t hate the Domers but don’t have a lot of respect for them due to their narrow view of the football world. Not only did they think they were somewhat entitled to a good game or even a win, most of them don’t know much about football. When I looked at this match up, the stats and the 2 teams schedules it became rather apparent to me that Bama would win and win easily, which did not sit well with the ND fans before or after the game.
    Then I heard all the catholic vs. cousins jokes and the lack of respect for academics at Bama and in the SEC in general. They didn’t know the top academic awards in football have gone to Bama players 2 of the last 3 years in McElroy and Jones and how well Bama does in the APR. ND leads in grad rates and have to salute them for that but the basic premises of the 2 schools have always been markedly different to begin with. And they don’t get how successful you have to be to be able to afford the Tide Pride club, tickets, 3-4 day weekends 6-9 times in the fall depending on how many away games you go to, and for many the rather plush mobile homes that arrive in T Town every game weekend.
    What bothers me is how they have a very narrow perspective and I was never so happy to beat the holy you know what out of that team. Our daughter is having a wonderful experience at the University of Alabama and getting a great education that will benefit her the rest of her life.
    So much for my view point. Thanks and Roll Tide

  2. Tracie Marcum // February 8, 2013 at 6:39 pm // Reply

    I don’t know how you ended up here either Mr. Blazic but WELCOME! And thank you for your insight. I think what set me off is that I was trying to show as much respect as I could for Notre Dame, even though I knew in my mind it was going to be a blow out. So while I was trying to show some respect for that team, someone commented to me “well anyone can play for Alabama” and it just ticked me off. Because of the reasons you and I both stated above that is simply just not true. What is true, as you say, is that this is the way the mind of a Notre Damer thinks. And yes Greg McElroy was the very first name that popped in my head, he was a Rhodes Scholar finalist for crying out loud!! And was still able to lead his team to victory! I just don’t like for people to be so negative, if you are going to NOT like a team, at least have a reason instead of some half cocked excuse that isn’t even valid.
    Thanks for reading my blog Mr. Blazic! Your comments are welcome anytime.

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