Missing The Fighting Irish

I’ll miss you Touchdown Jesus with Your arms held high

Welcoming the score as you reach to the sky

I’ll miss the gold helmets and games on NBC

And the fight song that brings us to our knees

I’ll miss Play like a champion today

While waiting for Notre Dame to play

How can I say goodbye for so long?

Not watching your games feels so wrong

The ‘Ship loss was hard to watch

I was so anxious I needed scotch

Then Brian Kelly threatened to leave

That made me sad and I started to grieve

Later on he said he would stay

It was a good thing or I might’ve had to slay

Hoaxes, doubt, and craziness were soon to follow

It was all a little hard for ND Nation to swallow

It’ll all blow over, but one fact still remains

Football season being over brings me great pains

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