We Are The Champions!

I have come to a rather shattering conclusion. I can’t pick winners. No, seriously I’m horrible at it. In Round 2 of the playoffs I was 2 for 4, this weekend I was 0 for 2! So, no more predictions. It was a heartbreaking weekend for me. But that’s a “by its lonesome post”. For now, let’s talk NFC and AFC championships.

The Atlanta Falcons new name is the Atlanta Chokes. They blew a 20-point lead against Seattle and barely beat them by a field goal. Then, they blew a 17 point lead against the 49ers in the NFC Championship and LOST! What does it take? Their defensive coordinator should be sent back to coaching school. The 49ers ended up beating the Falcons 28-24. The 49ers are in their first Super Bowl since 1995. What was amazing about the game was that Kaepernick hardly ran at all and they still beat the Falcons. I said if they could control his run they had a good chance of winning. Theoretically it should have worked, but football is a game of surprises. Congratulations to the 49ers on making it to the Big Bowl!

Here where it gets crushing (at least for me). My Patriots lost to the Ravens.

Hold on while I grab my tissues.

Ok, I’m back. It was one of those games for the Pats. You know the ones where they look like a sucky alien race took over the bodies of the players. I love them dearly, but what the heck?!? They were shut out in the second half. They didn’t score any points! It’s unbelievable. The Ravens played a good game though and they deserved the win. Bert, I mean, Joe Flacco looked pretty good and the Ravens D did exactly what I said they needed to do in order to win. They put pressure on Brady and made it really hard for him to get to his receivers. The Ravens beat the Pats 28-13. Congratulations to the Ravens for making it to the Big Bowl.

Did you know that the head coaches of the 49ers and the Ravens are brothers? Yep, it is true. Jim and John Harbaugh, I will not insult. I will not insult. I will not insult. They are calling it the Harbowl instead of the Super Bowl. I personally think it’s a stupid name for the Super Bowl. We’ve never nicknamed it before, but now all of a sudden it has to have a name? Whatever.

So, as a side note… I must tell all of you that I’m completely addicted to Twitter. I just started using it and it’s ridiculous how much I love it. So because of this wonderful new addiction, Tweet me @PatsFanGirl12 your Super Bowl game predictions and any questions you have about football. I’d love to answer them or shoot the football breeze! Thanks Ladies! Peace Out! (Yes I seriously just said that)

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  1. Tracie Marcum // January 25, 2013 at 6:39 pm // Reply

    You crack me up. I read a sentence, I have a thought and you repeat the thought I just had in your next sentence! LOVE IT! I am so disappointed in the Falcons. I really wanted them to win, and they had both games won and then….FLAKE. Anyway, I don’t like making predictions on pro ball either but I will say I guess I am going to root for the Ravens. Since it will be Ray Lewis’s last game. And the Harbowl…yea, I saw that. I was not impressed and please believe I had nothing to do with that. LOL

    • Thanks Tracie! Me and Nichole were talking about that last night, we’re like the football triplets 🙂 I want to know who started the Harbowl thing, I have a thing or two or ten to say to them! I’m totally done with predictions, I get them wrong every time! I’d like both teams to lose, is that possible? 😉

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