'Cause When She Gets Sas-fied She Start Calling My Name

February 6, 2013 is a big day ladies, mark your calendars.  It’s National Signing Day.  Much like the NFL Draft, with the exception being that this is for upcoming college players, it is a HUGE day for college football.  Colleges all over are essentially drafting players out of high school, to go to their college or university to play football.

Why do we care about this you may ask?  I have to admit that I have been watching football for… more years than I care to admit, wouldn’t want anyone trying to guess my age!  At any rate, I was watching football long before I knew what “signing day” meant.  As you all know I do not like stats, yes, they are hard core numbers that give us a glimpse into a player (any player)’s abilities on the field.  However, they are just numbers to me.  And the only numbers I concern myself with are my emergency contact numbers and the number that is in my bank account.  Oh, wait, I lie.  I care about the numbers 1 and of course 15, which is where Alabama stands on the polls and how many National Championships they have…At any rate, I digress.  I don’t like judging a person by numbers.  There is far too much involved with a person than just what happens on a weekly basis, on the field.  We here at Gridiron Girl like to get the low down on the players, the stuff that really makes them tick.  So while signing day is just around the corner, and many people have spent many nights crunching numbers to get those top recruits, I am going to tell you why you should give a crap to tune in and see who selects ‘Alabama’ as their school.

We care because they are the future of our team.  They hold in their hands the ability to drop us from our #1 ranking and the ability to keep us there.  They hold the ability to acquire another National Championship or to lose it.  They are like our children.  They will come in, ready to be molded into champions.  I have all the faith in Nick Saban that he can do that.  No one wanted to believe me when I said it would take him just three short years to get Alabama a National Championship Title, and guess what?  That was exactly what he did.

So pay close attention to the guys, the way they choose their school, how their Mama reacts when they make their declaration, the things we may mention about them.  Get to know these guys as you will be screaming their names this fall.  Well…that is, if they are any good of course.  😉

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  1. You are so right! Stats don’t indicate whether a player possesses the intangibles which are more important than the technicalities of the positions. Can’t wait for signing day!

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