Crying In My Cheerios

I am crying in my Cheerios and let me tell you, it DOES NOT taste good. By now all of you know that my dear Patriots lost the AFC Championship game. Man was it brutal. They didn’t look like themselves. I have no idea what happened.

I am going to rant a little so please indulge me for a minute…or 10. At one point in the game, Tom Brady ran the ball and did the quarterback slide. In case you don’t know what that is, I’ll give you a brief description. When a QB, who is typically not a rushing QB, runs the ball he will usually slide feet first. The refs will mark the ball not where his slide ended or where his feet end up, but where the QB started the slide. In this situation you don’t typically get a ton of yards, but it prevents the QB from getting hurt because defenders aren’t allowed to hit the QB while he is sliding. OK, so Brady slides and his feet are up in the air and Brady’s feet hit Ed Reed. He wasn’t flagged for it, but the NFL fined him $10,000 for what they said was an intentional hit. Let me tell you right now that if Brady’s feet hadn’t hit Ed Reed, Ed Reed would have hit or fallen on Brady. At the very least, Brady was protecting himself. Here is my theory: People already say that the league gives QBs special treatment. I believe the league fined Brady so they can say “Nu uh remember that one time we fined Brady?” Total crap. Some of these fines are ridiculous. Frank Gore, SF 49ers running back, was fined $10,500 for “improperly wearing his socks”. Say what?!? Don’t they have something better to do? But then later in the game, Bernard Pollard laid out Steven Ridley. He knocked him out with a hit that was questionable at best. In my opinion it was a dirty hit. He wasn’t flagged or fined, but apparently that’s OK?

Ok rant over. Thanks for indulging me. So hopefully you read my earlier post about the Patriots. I claimed that people unnaturally hate the Patriots. They seriously do. They hate Brady too. I’m not sure why that is, but I’ve been waiting for people to spout crap to me about the Pats losing. Everybody knows how big of a fan I am,so I expected it. Honestly though, it’s actually been pretty good, which is a fortunate thing because my husband doesn’t have enough money to bail me out; and I would totally cut someone if they spouted ANYTHING about the Pats losing- at least I think I would.

So while the loss was devastating for me and all of Pats nation, I couldn’t help but think (as my Mom pointed out) how hard it must be for the players. Think about all of the time they invest. There is 17 weeks of regular season, 4 weeks of preseason, and training camp. They work out, study the playbook, watch game film, and a million other things to be game ready week in and week out. They don’t set out to lose; they leave their hearts on the field every game. The fact remains however, that they are still human and prone to mistakes. Sometimes it just doesn’t happen the way it should or the way we want it to. Does that mean we abandon ship? Not at all. Doesn’t that mean we get to criticize and rail at them? I don’t think so. So while I’m crazy upset that it’s not the Pats in New Orleans for the Super Bowl, I still maintain my crazy fan status. I look forward to next year and all of the magic that will accompany Patriots football.

Stay Tuned for gridirongirl’s Girly Guide to Super Bowl 2013!

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  1. $10,500 for socks?! Sheesh Erica I wonder what they would fine you if they took a gander at yours!
    I’m so sorry your team lost only because mine had already lost (go ‘hawks), and every other team I wanted after that also lost. So the Patriots were my last hope of having a decent team in the Superbowl! Bugger, that game was such a disappointment. Even though the Patriots aren’t my team, it still broke my heart to see the expression on Brady’s face every time something went wrong. At least they didnt lose because they have an idiot coach who calls a time out just as the other team kicks a field goal that they missed and would have lost the game to us, and then lie about it! But like you said there is next season and I can’t wait for our teams to play against each other again!!

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