Some Super Bowl Magic

So it’s less than a week until the Super Bowl!  While I am not quite as excited about this as I was the BCS Championship, I am still excited all the same.  I know, it’s not College, it’s not SEC, and it’s not Alabama, so why am I interested?  You know there is more to the story, than I just have a team I want to pull for!  What will we as Gridiron Girls get most out of the game?  Let me give you the bigger picture:

Who do I want to win?  The Baltimore Ravens.  Why?  There are several reasons.  Mainly because they are playing the San Francisco 49ers, so there is the East Coast/West Coast beef going on, therefore I have to pull for the East Coast.  I do love California, but as you all know my heart is in the (South) East forever and always.  This will be Ray Lewis’ (of the Raven’s) last game after 17 seasons with the NFL.  While most people peg him as a jack ass, egomaniac, an over confident kind of dude, I believe him to be a God fearing man who just likes to win and show off his abilities.  After reading more about him and getting to know a little bit about his views, I have changed my mind and I have decided to give him a chance, with this being his last game, you know I will be cheering for him.  Who knows, he may even be the MVP!

Did you also know that this will be a matchup of brothers?  Yep!  The Harbaugh brothers, Jim and John will be playing head to head.  This is a really THRILLING thing to see.  Can you imagine how brothers, knowing so much about each other, will have to alter their coaching styles to be effective?  If you want to see me flip out over a NFL game, turn on one that has Peyton Manning versus Eli Manning and you will think Bama is playing!  I love the Manning’s, they are my favorite athletes of all times.  To watch them play against each other is amazing.  It’s almost like you can see the wisdom of the older brother against the frustration of the younger brother always trying to live up to his big brother’s expectations.  I can’t wait to see the look in the eyes of the Harbaugh brother’s and I wonder what their dynamic will be and how they will defend each other and the smack talk that will follow!  Football is really a novel ladies, more than just a game.  It’s these aspects of the game that makes us chicks dig it so much!  Well, that and the tight pants of course.  😉

You girls may remember an article I wrote back in October about athletes standing up for what they believe is right .  In that article I mentioned Chris Kluwe from the Minnesota Vikings and Brendon Ayanbadejo from the Baltimore Ravens, who were using their notoriety as athletes to bring awareness to legalizing gay marriage, and other gay rights.  They believe that two people have the right to be married, regardless of their gender.  Since then, I have learned that Brendon is indeed straight, he just believes that all people should be treated equal (what a concept) and he takes a stand on that.  I later found out that after his huge victory over the New England Patriots (when his team sealed the deal to head to the Super Bowl) he sent a message to marriage-equality advocate Brian Ellner that read:

Is there anything I can do for marriage equality or anti-bullying over the next couple of weeks to harness this Super Bowl media? 

Wow.  Just wow.  How profound.  He just won a huge game and is about to play in the game of his life and what is he thinking about?  He’s thinking about others.  How he can help others. How selfless.  Wow, just wow.

In a world full of people so selfish they won’t even stop to help someone when they are clearly in distress, this makes me feel good about life, the world and the people in it.  So yes, I will be watching the Super Bowl and I will be rooting for the PLAYERS, not the TEAM…as always.

Let’s Go Ravens!!!!!



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