Most Valuable According to Who???

The names of the NFL’s most valuable players were released today at the NFL Honors Awards. I have to say, I agreed with most of them, but there was one I definitely did not!! I’m not the most popular person when it comes to my opinions on football, mostly because I don’t buy into all of the stupid media hype. I get so tired of the media driving who gets what and how people are thought of, or seen. (for reference, I expressed my distaste for the media in my post “And The Saga Continues”)

On a side note: I went to Wal-Mart today (gag!) and I have never in my life seen more NEW 49ers jerseys, shirts, and sweaters. Come on people!! Bandwagoners really annoy me! You all know what a die hard fan is and what a die hard fan isn’t. It is clearly not the people that start rooting for a team or wearing their gear after they start winning or make it to a Super Bowl. You aren’t 9. Like how much Ducks gear do you see now that they are good? I didn’t see that much Duck, Notre Dame, or even Alabama stuff back when they weren’t winning as many games. It’s so annoying!

Well, that turned into a mini-rant. I’d say sorry, but I’m not really because it needed to be said. Now on to the original post: MVPs.

Adrian Peterson won most valuable player and offensive player of the year. I think he deserved both. He was 9 yards away from breaking Eric Dickerson’s single season rushing record; and that was after having major knee surgery last year. This guy is good and obviously doesn’t know what the word ‘quit’ means.

Peyton Manning won comeback player of the year- a good choice. The guy was out all of last year because of a neck injury that required multiple surgeries. He did a great job with the Broncos this year.

J.J. Watt won defensive player of the year- also a good choice. Not only is J.J. Watt a great guy, but he also led the NFL in sacks with 20. Watt is a phenomenal player, one in which you should keep your eye on. I have a feeling we haven’t seen the last of his greatness.

Now for the one I disagree with….

RG3 got offensive rookie of the year! Say What?!? What was in the water when those votes were cast? The Redskins made it to one wild card round. Yes,Yes I know, the Colts made it to only one Wild Card round as well so you could argue that Andrew Luck didn’t deserve it either. To that  I would argue that yes Andrew Luck deserved it more than RG3 because he’s a better QB and everybody knows it. But, again the media is fixated on R2D2, I mean RG3, so, he got the award. The real issue here though is why Russel Wilson didn’t get it. Russel Wilson wasn’t supposed to be any good this year. In fact everybody was predicting pre pre-season that Matt Flynn would have the starting job. Wilson emerged like an unseen savior to a struggling offense. I’m not the hugest Seahawks fan (calm down Mom), but Wilson brought life to that offense. He brought them confidence and a will to win. That to me is offensive rookie of the year material. Not a QB who acts like a running back and has the media in his pocket. This award won’t affect Wilson, his records, stats, or the fact that he is already a great QB. It will however offer more ammunition to the public to say “See RG3 is the best rookie” blah blah blah.

Bruce Arians won coach of the year. He was the interim coach for the Colts when Pagano was undergoing treatment for leukemia. This is an odd selection to me. I understand the guy faced a tough situation when Pagano went out, but um is that a reason to give him this award. I can’t tell you who I think deserves it more, but I think there were probably other options.

Final award goes to Luke Kuechly for defensive rookie of the year. I do have to say my husband called it this year. He said this kid was good and man was he. My husband even suggested I draft him for fantasy because he watched him play for Boston College and he said the kid could tackle. I drafted the kid no problem, it seemed nobody wanted him. I got lucky; the kid got me mad fantasy points! He definitely deserved it. He led the NFL with 164 tackles! That’s crazy! The Panthers were lucky to get this kid, they better hang on to him.

There you have it Ladies, some NFL awards and my opinions on them (I know you were dying to hear them, ha ha!). If you’re looking for info on the Super Bowl or awesome recipes and games then you so need to check out A Girly Guide To Super Bowl XLVII 49ers vs Ravens. It’s so awesome! Have fun everyone and be safe!

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