The Night the Lights Went Out in NOLA!

As football season technically ended last night, this week in the football world, we are going to be dealing with A LOT of information.  I promise to pass along only the most interesting and most important of it all.  But before we move on into the latest Alabama recruiting class, I MUST talk a minute about the Super Bowl.  I mean, how can I not?

As a girl who loves football, I must admit that I generally only watch the Super Bowl for the commercials.  To me, Pro football just seems so staged, choreographed and sometimes quite boring.  However, in the biggest game of the year, as you all know, anything can happen.  And BOY did EVERYTHING happen!

The Pre-Game:

Watching the Sandy Hook Elementary children sing really made my heart and my eyes swell.  Those sweet, sweet babies were singing their hearts out in front of millions of people.  That is an opportunity most people will never even think about, and there they were, looking like pros, doing their thing.  As a mom, my heart filled with pride thinking how their parents must be so proud of them to have the courage to do that.  Then Jennifer Hudson made her appearance and sang her heart out.  And my heart went out to her as well, she too having been effected by gun violence (if you remember back in 2008 she lost her mother, brother AND nephew in a shooting. Her former brother-in-law, William Balfour, was charged).  You could even see on some of the players’ faces as they were trying their best to hold in their emotion, but it was a very beautiful beginning.

The First Half:

The first half of the game belonged to the Baltimore Ravens.  Okay, the entire first half and the first 11 seconds of the second half.  But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.  The score was 21-6 at halftime.  The Ravens had held the 49ers to just 2 field goals!  Joe Flacco, the Raven’s quarterback owned it, he just did, he made passes that made me gasp!  And they were caught just as eloquently as they were thrown!  The 49ers offense couldn’t make it into the end zone and their defense looked sluggish.  The Ravens defense was spot on as Ray Lewis, and the two Bama boys, Mt. Terrence Cody and Courtney Upshaw were forcing fumbles, tackling like Kings, it was beautiful.  (All day long I kept telling everyone that Alabama was going to win the game. 🙂 ) The 49ers quarterback, young Colin Kaepernick, looked like a deer in the headlights.  I thought for sure, the game might be over.


I will go ahead and tell you it was NOT the best halftime show I have ever seen.  I love Beyonce and I thought she did a great job.  But since when does one artist make the entire performance?  I know, it’s been done, Michael Jackson did it, Diana Ross and Paul McCartney, but these people were/are legendary and not saying that she isn’t, I guess I just wanted more.  Yes, I know Destiny’s Child joined her for a minute, but she quickly dismissed them, which I personally thought was kind of rude.  As your Momma would say “don’t forget where you came from child.”  At any rate, yes she was beautiful, but I was left wanting more.


This year was the most boring Super Bowl commercials ever.  I will say that Budweiser and their clydesdale’s always seem to be the best and they did not disappoint, I almost cried, what a great commercial!  I was impressed with the commercial about why God made Farmers as well but I almost threw up over the GoDaddy commercial and of course I think I may have drooled a little during the Calvin Klein one.  Other than that, it was NOT the best year for Super Bowl commercials.

The Second Half:

First play of the second half, the San Francisco 49ers kicked off.  Jacboy Jones returned a 108 (originally reported 109) kickoff return against the 49ers on the first play of the second half to score a touchdown.  It was 108 yards in 11 seconds, this is a new record for the Super Bowl y’all!  The crowd went crazy!  And then…


And trust me when I say it wasn’t just the lights, the power to the Super Dome went out.  Luckily, half the lights managed to stay on so it wasn’t complete darkness, but could you have imagine the hysteria that could have broken out at that point?  It was IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SUPER BOWL!  THE BIGGEST SPORTING EVENT OF THE YEAR!  Jokes about how everyone blacks out in New Orleans, that’s nothing new and did they forget to pay their light bill? were abound as announcers were scrambling trying to find random things to discuss and talk about during such a long lull.

Raven’s Coach John Harbaugh was pitching a TOTAL FIT.  And while there really isn’t anything anyone could have done (that they weren’t already frantically doing) I saw John’s point.  His team was up by 22 points and they were having the game of their lives and now, the lights go out, and STAY OUT for 34 LONG MINUTES.  That gave the 49ers time to re-group, rest, even RELAX.  And trust me when I say, it showed.  Because when the lights finally came back on, the 49ers looked like they had gone in the locker room and the Bama boys had suited up and came back on the field in their place.

Needless to say I have heard the coaches/brothers say this is NOT a game they will be watching together.  I can only imagine the next family holiday will be a little awkward, once again Big Brother wins and the Little Brother is kicking, screaming mad about it.  Oh the joys of sibling rivalry.

The Rest of the Second Half:

The San Francisco 49ers OWNED the rest of the second half; they made a valiant effort at what could have been one of the greatest comebacks of all time.  However, life being as it is, there wasn’t enough time and when push came to shove to score, Kaepernick once again began to panic, and they couldn’t make the points.  Throw in a couple of coaching errors on using or not using time outs and the game was over, in a very lack luster fashion, with a guy dancing in the end zone trying to avoid a safety, but ultimately taking one.

So we can put a fork in Super Bowl 47, it’s done.  But only after the Baltimore Raven’s Quarterback and MVP of the game, Joe Flacco dropped the F-bomb on National Primetime television.  Thanks CBS.  Well, he was excited right!?  And it was a pretty um…you know…awesome game!

Now ladies and gents, let’s get ready for Wednesday which is National Signing Day for college football!!!  I already have the schedule for the entire day as each recruit will declare their school.  After it’s all said and done I will discuss how Alabama fared in the pickins’!  So check back Wednesday afternoon for an update on any new diamonds we may have mined for the upcoming season and follow me on Twitter @TracieMarcum through the day to get up to the minute updates!

Way to go Ravens!  And as always ROLL TIDE!!!

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