Alabama Lands #1 Recruiting Class in the SEC

Today was National Signing Day in College Football.  For you ladies that are new to the game, it’s important because it’s kind of like the NFL Draft, only in reverse, the player picks the team instead of the team picking the player.  Coaches spend all year long recruiting new players for the next year, and today is the day they sign their letter of intent to the school they plan to attend, so that the coaches can start planning their strategy for this upcoming football season.  Yes, I know, football is over, we just had the Super Bowl.  Nope, not really, football is an all year process that starts today.

It interests me to watch the guys make their commitments.  Most of the time, Mom and Dad or Coach are right by their sides.  Some players do it with lots of media fanfare, while others simply fax their letters to the head coach.  I’ll give a brief rundown on how the recruiting went, but the only thing you need to know is that Alabama came out on top as receiving the #1 Class in the SEC.  They signed 25 great guys who we will all come to know and love.

The most exciting news of the day, however, is that the number one recruit, defensive end Robert Nkemdiche, signed with Ole Miss instead of Bama.  Whomp, Whomp…I don’t know what on earth that child was thinking, but more power to him.  That news came on earlier today and I thought that took the wind out of our sails, but the day got better, much better.  This is the 6th consecutive year that Alabama has been in the top 3 of the recruiting class pecking order.  Recruiting is so important, and I know that Coach Saban realizes that, that is where he starts building his great program.  Now he may have to reign in the egos of say Rueben Foster, the guy who committed to Bama, then Auburn, got inked with the Auburn logo and then now, committed back to Bama.  There is nothing wrong with changing one’s mind as you ladies know, but this guy has been all over the radar since things started going south in Auburn.  I believe he made the right choice and I believe Saban can steer him in the right direction.  I have seen him do it before and make champions out of kids, I am sure he can do the same with this one.

Now, don’t get too worried about numbers or positions or anything of that nature, I am going to list our new recruits below and just let their names sink in.  As you well know I have all summer to pick and choose their stories and highlight them for you.  No stats here, we just want to know what Moma thinks about their choice!  🙂

#1 Derrick Henry

#1 Rueben Foster

#2 Robert Foster

#4 Dee Liner

#3 Jonathan Allen

#4 Alvin Kamara

#5 Tim Williams

#3 Cooper Bateman

#2 O.J. Howard

#8 Tyren Jones

#10 Altee Tenpenny

#12 Maurice Smith

#1 Grant Hill

#11 A’Shawn Robinson

#18 ArDarius Stewart

#22 Anthony Averett

#21 Darius Paige

#41 Raheem Falkins


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