A Signing Day Soap Opera

Now that college football’s signing day has come and gone, it’s time to recap all the juicy details, including of course the most important  of them all- how Oregon cleaned up.

First of all, I have to make a confession. I hesitated to write this post thinking our female audience “probably didn’t care much about signing day”. I’m sorry ladies, it turns out I couldn’t be more wrong! Of Course you care- sort of. And, if you don’t care, I’m here to help you care. So, here it goes…

Signing Day has sort of become the soap opera of College Football. (Right up our allies right?). With all the lights, cameras, and well…Twitter, it has become a very exciting spectacle, full of fun stories all of us girls can appreciate. It used to be that a top recruit would be courted by a number of universities and would then pick between 3-4 team hats before a mob of reporters. Nowadays, they’re getting a little more creative. Yesterday for example, 5 star recruit, A’Shawn Robinson, had his decision delivered to the podium by a someone wearing an elephant costume. Hmm…interesting. I wonder if someone took his man card for that one. I guess it did make for good headlines! The headlines didn’t end there however. In half sad/half funny news, Alex Collins, a recruit out of Florida, who intended to sign with Arkansas, was unable to attend his signing day ceremony after his mother confiscated his letter of intent and took off with it. (The NCAA requires that recruits under the age of 21 have to have a legal guardian sign their letter to make it legally binding). It’s sounding like things are working themselves out, but I’m kind of thinking a call to Dr. Phil may be in order. I’m sure the fun stories go on and on, but for the sake of preserving your lunch hour, I’ll just refer you to Google, and move on to our beloved Oregon Ducks…

I’d be super lame if I didn’t first give a shout out to Coach Helfrich. 4 days after the somewhat sudden departure of Chip Kelly, Helfrich hit the recruiting trail. There was a lot of speculation that many highly touted recruits would bail after Kelly left for the NFL, but it appears “Coach Helf” has saved the day.  As much as I personally hate to admit it, Oregon’s recent success is directly linked the Chip Kelly’s name- at least for those on the outside looking in- those out-of state, farm-fed big ol’ boys of football’s heartland (Texas). I’m thinking if I were a high school super star football player in say, Texas, I know the name Chip Kelly, and I want to play for him. If he suddenly decides to leave to the NFL, I’m probably having second thoughts. Just Sayin’. As it turns out, Oregon only lost one of their expected-to-sign recruits because of Chip Kelly’s departure. At the last minute, super star, Dontre Wilson, who was set to sign with the Ducks, ended up signing with Ohio State, citing Chip Kelly’s departure as the reason.  In regards to Kelly’s departure, Wilson told a local Dallas, TX news station, “To me, it was wrong….It kind of hurt me a little. But I’m over it now.” Apparently Chip Kelly had visited him at school within days of leaving to the Eagles. Bummer.

Overall, Oregon was a big winner on Signing Day. Here are the names you’ll want to remember:

Thomas Tyner– I’d be surprised if you haven’t heard his name yet! This was by far, the biggest star Oregon picked up. A 5 star, native Oregonian, Tyner played Running Back at Aloha High School in Portland, and he’s FAST. Of coarse he is, Oregon wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m really excited about this kid, especially after the departure of Kenjon Barner *tissues please*. I am anxious to see if he will win the RB battle and take the back-field reigns with DAT. Stay tuned.

Darren Corrington– A super fast stud Wide Receiver (Halleluiah) out of San Diego, CA! Man, do the Ducks need a good receiver! I’m stoked about this one!

Tyree and Tyrell Robinson-Twin brothers who were very clear about wanting to go to school together AND play both Football and Basketball. SCORE. Tyree is a Defensive Back/athlete, while Tyrell is an Outside Linebacker. There was a bit of a scare with these two after they started looking at other schools (Ohio State and Notre Dame) after Chip Kelly announced his departure. Looks like Oregon dodged the Buckeye/Irish Bullet. Phew.

Torrodney Prevot– A highly touted Defensive End the Ducks STOLE right out of USC’s pretty little hands. Love it. Padding in the secondary- definitely a good thing!

There you have it, whether it’s the Young & the Restless,  or Signing Day, these are the football “Days of Our Lives”.



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