Avoidance is My Favorite Tactic

By now you all know the Super Bowl is over and the Ravens are the Champions. The high points are the power went out (I’d like to know who was responsible), I’m looking at you Jim Harbaugh! Officials did come out and said Beyonce wasn’t at fault. Um duh. I want to know who was blaming her ‘cause I think those people need to smarten up. Anyway, The 34-minute outage gave the 49ers a much needed rest as well as regrouping time. They scored 28 points and ended up losing by 3. Despite the Ravens beating my much-loved Patriots I was rooting for the Ravens to win-mainly because I like John better than Jim. I was also glad an AFC team won it.

The real reason for this post isn’t a Super Bowl recap. It’s a lamenting on the loss of football. I have been avoiding writing it because well, it puts the final nail in the proverbial football coffin. Ya ya, we got signing day, the draft, free agency signings, trades, training camp etc., but none of those include actual football games!! Oh how I’m going to miss them.

I love games. It doesn’t matter if it’s my team or not, football games are a thing of beauty. I may sound sentimental or ridiculous, or any other adjective you can come up with. Or, Perhaps it’s D all of the above, but I don’t care. I love football. It’s a deep love that I like to think is reciprocated.

When I watch a game, I have a million things going on in my head and coming out of my mouth. It’s stressful and anxious and wonderful all at the same time. I analyze formations, I strategize  what play is going to be called, and immediately wonder what coverage the defense is going to run in order to make sure the least amount of yardage is gotten. I curse the Refs a blue streak because they are usually pissing me off. I also curse the announcers because I can think of exactly one announcer that doesn’t make me want to mute my TV. I yell back at the announcers because of the asininely frustrating comments they make about football in general… and the players. There are a thousand other things going on for me during a football game and I love every minute of it.

So now what am I supposed to do? Watch baseball? That’s laughable! Watch a football game, then watch a baseball game and tell me how that goes for you. It’s literally like watching paint dry (for me). I could watch basketball I suppose, but I just can’t get into it. So I read about football. A lot. I read about who is a free agent and where they might go. I read about trades and this time of year, I like to read about the incoming draft class. Pretty interesting stuff I tell you. It helps get me through until I can at least fill my long summer days with activities that help me forget I’m going crazy without football. Then finally, we make it back to September, when pre-season NFL and college football starts, and I feel my sanity start to return. It’s a blessed relief I tell you. It’s why fall and winter are my favorite seasons. Because those seasons mean FOOTBALL!!

Tell me girls, what do you do to get through the no football blues? I’d love to hear from you! Comment or tweet me @PatsFanGirl12

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