Raiders Coach Helps Heal a Broken Heart

Sometimes a simple gesture means the world- especially when you’re 8 years old and battling a broken heart.

Let’s face it, here at gridirongirl we love football, but we also love a good heart-warming story, especially when it has to do with football…and kids. I wanted to share a story today that hits especially close to home. Whether you are a Raider fan, or not, this will probably bring tears to your eyes- or at least a smile to your face.

Last May, my husband and a group of men from our church were attending a mens retreat in eastern Oregon. It was an active night, full of basketball, jamming sessions, and male bonding. Unfortunately that night, our friend Lee suffered a heart attack and did not make it through the night. Lee was a wonderful loving man, husband, and father to two young children and all who knew him were tremendously affected- especially his now 8 year old son, Logan.

Over this past year, I have watched Logan bravely struggle through this most difficult time. He was very attached to his daddy and losing him so unexpectedly unfairly rattled his little world. Undoubtedly, his child-like faith, and his amazing mother, Carrie, have helped carry him through. Last week, however, another hero stepped up, and in the process helped carry Logan a little further.

Oakland Raider’s Running Backs Coach, Kelly Skipper, received a letter. In just a few lines, Logan talked about his love for the Raiders, how he misses his dad so much and how wishes he could see him wear his dad’s old #75 on his youth football team. He closed his letter “maybe someday I could play for the Raider, Love Logan”.

I imagine many letters of it’s kind arrive on coaches’ desks every day, and it would have been so easy to overlook Logan’s request for a “picture”, but Coach Skipper didn’t. Instead, he took out a pen and drafted a hand-written letter to Logan, encouraging him to do well in school, and reminding him that his dad would be very proud of him. If that weren’t enough, the letter arrived in style. Watch and relive the moment here….

Lil’ Raider’s Fan

Well done Coach Skipper and God Bless.



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  1. Wanda Engell // February 27, 2013 at 1:10 am // Reply

    Wow beautiful story…
    Thanks for sharing Erica

    • This was actually Nichole that wrote this Wanda. Isn’t it a beautiful story? Stories like this restore my faith in humanity.

  2. What an amazing and generous man and definitely a wonderful and deserving boy!

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