Some Rantin' and Ravin': You've Been Warned

I have some things I want to get off my chest. It will probably make some people mad, but chances are they won’t be Notre Dame fans. For that reason I’m gonna shop this post around so I can make as many people mad as I can. They deserve to be mad about my opinions because theirs put me in a not so fine mood today. You are probably asking yourselves “What has got you in such a tizzy?” Well my dear readers and friends, what has me so mad that I could spit nails is… Manti Te’o.

The kid keeps getting a raw deal! I knew coming in to the combine that all eyes were going to be on him. I knew he would be under the veritable microscope, but this time they have pushed it too far! He ran a 4.8 40 and everybody is saying he’s slow. They’re saying he will be a draft bust and didn’t live up to expectations. To all of his critics,  those people judging him unnecessarily, and all the idiots who won’t draft him because of his 40 time or the hoax, I say a bunch of bad words which I will leave to your imagination, because my editor would take them out anyway. I’m hoping your imaginations do my cuss words justice.

I’m not done. People are saying it’s another blow to his draft stock and blah blah blah. Yep that’s how much I care about the rest of that sentence. I will say it again, and I will keep saying it that draft stock means as much as a screen door on a submarine. What was that guy’s name again? The one that was the 199th pick, then won 3 SuperBowls and has set and will continue to set NFL records? Oh ya, Tom freaking Brady! Let’s reason another issue out. Draft order is decided by worse team to best team. That means when you go 1st you are getting picked by the absolute worst team in the NFL. “Pick me 1st so I can lose all the live long year!” Doesn’t make much sense does it?

So…I hope he goes late. I hope when he is finally picked, the team that drafts him is doing so because they believe in him. I hope they draft him because they see the same potential for absolute greatness that I do. I hope the team that drafts him sees how he plays with his entire well-meaning, hard working, magnificent heart. I hope they see how much of a leader he is and when he plays he leaves it all on the field. I hope they see that he is not only a game changer, but also a team changer. I hope they see what I do every time I watched him play for Notre Dame. If a coach sees what I see, they won’t hesitate to draft him and they certainly won’t cut the kid down because his 40 time was 2 to 3 tenths of second slower than what you expected. I’m looking at you John Harbaugh.

ND nation believes in you Manti. We will keep backing you up and shooing the vultures away as they circle you. Keep your head up and do what you do best. Don’t change for them. If they want you to change then they don’t deserve you. Remember that on draft day as the disappointment threatens to set in. You are greatness and someday you will make them all see that.

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  1. I’m right there with you on your post. I don’t watch college games often, but everything that is happening to this guy is unfair. I particularly love the “screendoor on a submarine” comment! I know I’ve heard that somewhere before…..
    So Erica keep it up, Manti Te’o needs you in his corner Alrightokayuhuhamen?

    • That stuff must be burned in my brain because I didn’t realize I was quoting that song. I’m glad though! I agree he is being treated unfairly, makes me grit my teeth!

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