Did He Do the Right Thing?

Now it’s time for the million dollar question; Did Coach Saban do the right thing?

As you all know from my last blog What Would Moma Say?, we had an incident that involved four of our football players on the University campus a few weeks ago.  On Feb. 11, Hayes, 18, Williams, 20, and Pettway, 20, were each charged with two counts of second-degree robbery while Calloway 20, was charged with one count of fraudulent use of a credit card.  They basically beat and robbed a couple of students, right there on campus, for no reason other than to get their kicks.

The announcement came down today that these players are no longer associated with the Alabama Crimson Tide football program.  It was also added that these four players are no longer even enrolled at the University.  Wow, stiff punishment huh?  Yes, and rightly so.  I know if you attacked my child on campus I would come hunt you down and beat the crap out of you myself!  Getting kicked out of school would be the least of your problems!

This is what Coach Saban had to say about the whole thing:

“Based on all the information we’ve received and gone through and tried to determine the future of the four guys that got in trouble, those guys are no longer associated with the football program,” Saban said. “Their actions do not reflect the spirit and character that we want our organization to reflect. It’s obviously very disappointing and unacceptable what happened.

“I also think that I’ve been really proud of over the last five years that our team has done a very good job and shown personal responsibility and how they represent the university, what they’ve done in the community, in the classroom, off the field. And they’re going to continue to do as much as we can in personal development, character development in our program with education to try to help guys have a chance to be more successful in life.”

“Some people learn by words, some people learn by consequences, some people can’t learn.”

Now, of all of that, let’s examine that last sentence.  Some people learn by words, aka “If you don’t sit down and shut up you got a butt whopping coming your way.”  “Yes Sir!” and they sit down.  Some people learn by consequences as in they may have said “Yes Sir” but they never sat down, therefore they got their butt whopped as a consequence.  I would think next time they will think to sit their butts down when told.  Lastly, some people can’t learn, meaning no matter what you say or do they are going to do wrong no matter what.  This sentence leads me to believe this was not the first incident with most of these kids and Saban, and everyone else, realized that the damage they had done could not be undone.  They realized that there was no lesson to be taught here, because these people cannot learn.

I think Saban is a wise man.  Do I think he made the right decision?  UM HECK YES, hands down he made the right decision, the only decision.  Obviously he did, he even had the University backing him as they made the decision to kick them out of school.  I am sure these boys were talented and they had really bright futures ahead of them.  However, let this be a lesson to young men everywhere, if you go around acting like a heathen and expecting there to be no consequences, trust me, one day there will be…It may not be in a form you are expecting either…but trust me, it will happen.  Also remember that nobody is irreplaceable…So make your choices and choose your friends wisely.

And with that, can I get a Roll Tide?!


4 Comments on Did He Do the Right Thing?

  1. Roll Tide!! Great post Tracie!

  2. He definitely made the right decision… there are too many incredible players that would do anything to play for Nick Saban at Alabama. There should be no room for thigs like this. There is a line of outstanding talent waiting to take these boys place, I am sure.

    • Tracie Marcum // February 28, 2013 at 6:01 pm // Reply

      I totally agree Amy C. Like you say, there is a LINE of good, well behaved athletes that want to play the game, so to those young men, they will get rewarded by being able to play.

  3. Roll Tide! Good riddance to all four of them. If they cannot uphold the standards that Coach Saban expects for all of his organization, they must suffer the consequences. A great opportunity has been lost to these young men, and I’m sure that they when they are older, they will regret the decisions of their youth. I do hope that they understand the mistake that they have made and that they try to work harder to be better citizens.
    Roll Tide forever!

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