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Well ladies, another combine has come and gone. Now begins the tedious process of each team trying to decide who they want to draft. No worries about the draft though, I will be writing an all-inclusive post detailing the draft and how it works!

While the head coaches are deciding who they want on their team, we here at gridirongirl are going to bring you the best of the best of the 2013 Combine. The prize?  The satisfaction of knowing gridirongirl recognizes you! So without further adieu…

gridirongirl presents the 2013 Combine Awards!

The Roadrunner Award goes to: Marquise Goodwin from Texas for running the fastest 40 time at the combine with a 4.27! Wow that kid can fly!

The Hercules Award goes to : Margus Hunt, a Defensive End from Southern Methodist University for doing 38 225-lb bench press reps! Definitely Hercules material!

The Apollo 20 Yard Award goes to : B.W. Webb, a corner from William & Mary for running it in 3.84! Great time! And we have lift off ladies!

The Apollo 60 Yard Award goes to: T.J. Moe, a wide receiver from Missouri for running it in 10.87! That is out of this world (we couldn’t resist)!

The RG3/Luck Award goes to: Manti Te’o, a linebacker from Notre Dame. The media will not quit talking about him and we think we can all agree that enough is enough already!

The Tin Can Award also goes to: Manti Te’o for being kicked around relentlessly by pretty much everyone. We feel bad for Manti and think you should all leave him alone.

The “U So Fly” Award goes to: Matt Barkley, a QB from USC for being, we think, the hunkiest player at the combine. He’s got that All-American thing going on, just like apple pie. Seriously ladies, who doesn’t like apple pie?

The “Where Da Party At” Award goes to: Tyrann Mathieu, a defensive back from LSU. Our guess is where he is, the party is sure to follow!

The Tom Brady Award goes to: Eric Fisher, an offensive tackle from Central Michigan. We think he is the most likely to succeed.  He performed amazingly well at the combine and showed NFL teams just how invaluable he’ll be. Every QB needs to be protected and this kid will get the job done.

The Man? or Kangaroo? Award goes to: Christine Michael (pronounced Chris-Tin), a RB from Texas A&M for soaring 43 inches in the vertical jump! Are we sure this kid isn’t part kangaroo?

The Underdog Award goes to: Knile Davis, a RB from Arkansas. This guy has had a lot of injuries plague him as well as a disappointing final season at Arkansas. A lot of people doubted whether this guy could even go pro. He silenced all of the doubters at the combine though! He ran 4.37 40 and did an impressive 31 reps on the bench press. Congratulations Knile and you may you have a long and healthy NFL career!

The Money Bags Award goes to: Eric Fisher for likely being the first round draft pick. This guy is a rock star at offensive tackle and since the Kansas City Chiefs (who have the first pick this year) just acquired Alex Smith We’re thinking they are thinking PROTECTION! If they want Smith to do his job and win then they need to make sure he is protected and like we said above, Eric Fisher will get it done!

The Stupid Broad Jump Award (basically a standing long jump) goes to:  Jamie Collins, an outside linebacker from Southern Miss with a jump of 11 feet and 7 inches! He broke the combine record in the Broad Jump drill, way to go Jamie! Are we sure he isn’t part frog?

The Pine Pain Cone Award goes to: Will Davis, a corner from Utah State when he did the drill in 6.52! An impressive number indeed and hey at least he doesn’t have to wear the cone of shame.

The Where the Heck Is That Award goes to: Aaron Mellette from Elon University. Do you know where that is? Because we sure didn’t, we had to search it and found out that it is in North Carolina! Congratulations to Aaron Mellette for being from a University that most of us don’t know its location!

And Last but not least….

The gridirongirl Favorite Combine Player Award goes to:  Kenjon Barner! He’s a great guy and not bad on the eyes either ladies. What’s not to love?

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