2012 Chick-Fil-A bowl; Crushing Loss.

Alright gridiron girls, since we are a couple months into the off season, I figured, we should take a minute to talk  about LSU’s 2012 season-most importantly, the crushing 1 point loss to Clemson in the Chick-fil-a Bowl game on New Years Eve.

Before I to break down LSU’s 2012 bowl game however, I thought I’d give you all a little “bowl game” background info..
In North America, a bowl game is one of a number of post football season college games that are mainly played by teams from the Division I Football Bowl Subdivision. Going to a bowl game holds great significance as a season ending event for the teams with non-losing records. The games are also major sources of revenue for participating programs, and bowl games are also used an opportunity to recruit players to a particular team. The phrase “bowl” originated from the Rose Bowl Stadium, which was the site of the very first post-season college football game. (I dare you to bust out with that little bit of football knowledge at your next football party).

Now onto the Chick-fil-a Bowl game…
Losing 24-25 to Clemson is a personal heart break for me, with Clemson being one of the fellow teams with a tiger mascot in college. However, it’s worth revisiting, because it was so close and there was so much talent that came to play for both teams that night in Georgia!
In the first quarter, LSU freshman RB (running back) Jeremy Hill, weighing in at 225, standing 6 foot 2 inches, made a 17 yard run to score the first touchdown off of one of LSU place kicker Drew Alleman’s kicks, bringing the score up to 7-0 LSU.  Shortly after that, Clemson returned the favor when their QB, Tajh Boyd, ran an 11 yard play, scoring a touchdown, off of place kicker Chandler Catanzaro’s kick. This brought the score up to an even 7-7.
In the second quarter, LSU’s wide receiver Jarvis Landry caught a 6 yard pass from LSU’s QB Zach Mettenberger off another one of Drew Alleman’s kicks and ran it for a touch-down. The score now came out to 14-7, LSU.
Once again Clemson matched LSU’s touchdown with one of their own in the 2nd quarter when their wide receiver, DeAndre Hopkins, caught an 11 yard pass from QB. Tajh Boyd, and turned it into a touchdown, but the PAT (point after touchdown) was blocked when Clemson’s field goal attempt was blocked, bringing the score to 14-13 LSU.
In the 3rd quarter we see LSU freshman running back Jeremy Hill again as he runs 57 yards off another Drew Alleman kick to score yet another touchdown for LSU, increasing the score this time to 21-13 LSU. Then with 4 minutes and 49 seconds left in the 3rd quarter Drew Alleman has his time to shine and kicks a 20 yard field goal for 3 points, helping LSU take a 24-13 lead on Clemson going into the 4th quarter.
While LSU shoved Clemson around a little in the 3rd quarter, Clemson brought out their A game for the 4th. With only 9 minutes and 26 seconds left, Clemson’s Chandler Catanzaro scored a 26 yard field goal to increase their score by 3 points, making the current score 24-16, LSU. Then, with only 2 minutes and 47 seconds left, Clemson’s DeAndre Hopkins caught a 12 yard pass from QB Tajh Boyd and ran it for a touchdown. However, their 2 point conversion pass failed, this left the score at 24-22 LSU.

Finally, with seconds left on the clock, Clemson’s Chandler Catanzaro scored a 37 yard field goal, increasing their score to 25 points, and beating LSU by 1l, final score 24-25 Clemson! Ouch.
While I am sad about this loss, I was thoroughly impressed with freshman Jeremy Hill’s performance not only in this game but every game he played in this season for LSU, and I look forward to our next face off with Clemson.  We’ll be ready for ‘em next time!

Once again, I hope you learned a little something from this post, and I look forward to seein ya’ll next week! Keep living gold and loving purple, GEAUX TIGERS!

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