A New Aggie Era

I got a little story for ya Ag’s.

This little phrase is well known to Aggies.  It is how the Yell Leaders* start off a story during Midnight Yell Practice*. (*Did I already lose you non-Aggie readers?!  Don’t worry Aggie 101 is coming. There is a lot to explain)

But, back to where I started:

Got a little story for ya Ag’s.    Last summer the Aggies were poised on the threshold of something new.  Something we all felt would turn out great in a few years.  Non-Ag’s elsewhere said it would be a disaster.  Texas A&M joining the SEC?  America’s super powerhouse football conference?  Where defenses rule?  Texas A&M? – that school in College Station, right?

The Aggie administration took the leap – they left the sinking ship known as the Big 12.  They joined the SEC.  They brought the SEC into Texas. They opened up a whole new world of recruiting possibilities.  Then they also brought in this new young Coach to lead the charge – Kevin Sumlin.  Sure, Sumlin ran a successful program in Houston.  But that was Conference-USA and  NOT the SEC.  Everyone said Sumlin’s fast paced offense would be destroyed by the larger/stronger/faster defenses of the SEC….

So how does one recap the 2012 season?  In one word – unreal.  Never in any of our wildest dreams did we think back in August that we would have a team going 11-2, a Heisman QB, a Cotton Bowl win and now a 2013 pre-season ranking of #1 in some polls!  Walking into Kyle Field for the first game of the season – vs. Florida – the atmosphere was electric.  Everyone was excited, but no one knew what to expect.  It did not take long for people to start mumbling – “who is this guy??” –  in reference to our unknown QB.  Before the game, no one really knew much about him.  Suddenly we are all watching this freshman run around the field in such a crazy manner – but he was making things happen!  A few games later we all knew this was the start of something really special.  The excitement he brought to the game was refreshing, the confidence the whole team had was evident.  They started winning the games that years past would have ended in a loss.  Water cooler talk at offices across the state turned to A&M and Johnny football.  Social media exploded.  Unreal.

As an Aggie football fan, this year can be described as nothing next to amazing.  A thrill ride.  Something that this Aggie football fan has been waiting for since 1998’s Big 12 Championship game.  2012 trumps 1998. The buzz here around Aggieland is still going strong months after the season ended.  Now everyone is talking recruits and what is going to happen next year.  We are losing some important seniors (Moore, Swope, Nealy, Joekel, Porter, Lewis) but most fans believe the underclassmen are ready to step up. The 2013 recruits are exceptional – it seems kids really DO want to stay in Texas AND play in the SEC.  (Shocker to the t-sips!) We are returning with a strong offensive line, our star running back, several star wide receivers – and not to mention that Heisman winning quarterback!  The defense might be what some consider questionable, but from what we are reading, the coaches stayed hot on the recruiting trail. Speaking of coaches – we lost some of those too.  But Sumlin replaced them with even better ones.  Ones that will wear Maroon.  The future is bright here in Aggieland.

I am thrilled that Texas A&M will be represented this year on gridirongirl.  A little about me:  I live in Aggieland and I am around a lot of the events that are “extra” – midnight yell, welcoming home the team after the Alabama game, the ceremony at the MSC to celebrate Johnny Manziel and Luke Joeckel.  I drag my 3 kids to all the pre-game activities on campus, we tail-gate and we attend all the home games.  I am well versed in all of the great Aggie traditions and love to school non-Ags in our ways!   I’ve been a rabid Aggie fan since 1995 and a football fan in general for as long as I can remember.  (I’m one of those girls who in high school actually went to the games to watch them, not using them for social hour!)

After Spring ball is over and until we hit the fall, I will write some AGGIE 101 posts.  I’ll explain some of our Aggie Traditions and why we do what we do.  Stay tuned to learn about:

Midnight Yell Practice * Yell Leaders * Reveille * 12th man * Aggie Bonfire * Muster/Silver Taps * “Former Student” * Fish Camp * Corps of Cadets * Aggie Band * Aggie Ring * Big Event * Gig ‘Em * Howdy * Maroon Out

Until then –

Thanks and Gig ‘Em!

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