Brian Kelly Updates the Offseason

Spring ball is upon us!! Woo woo!! I love it because we get an appetizer before the main course in the fall. A little sustenance to help feed our football starved minds.

Brian Kelly held a press conference today to update us all on the team’s offseason progress. I’ll give you the condensed version and then blabber on for a bit. I know that’s why you tune in here- to hear me blabber.

The last six to seven weeks, the football team has been working on strength and conditioning and getting the team healthy. Players that have had surgery are working on getting up to form. Sounds like some players have been making strides on bulking up, including the offensive line. This is good news ladies- a bigger stronger O Line means more protection for the QB, which means more time to execute needed plays, and the likelihood of the QB getting injured will diminish the less he’s getting hit.

QB Gunner Kiel is no longer with the football team. No word yet on where he’ll go. The QB situation in South Bend is up in the air and they will all compete for the starting job. If Golson wants to keep his job, then he better earn it and show the coaches that he is the best. Kelly said that while Golson has the experience, that’s all he has. All the guys need to push themselves and compete for the job. There is going to be competition at most positions. I won’t get into all of the details because you may drool on your keyboard and I don’t want to be held accountable for a shorted out computer. Just be aware that the team is in no way settled and we will probably see several positional changes.

A question was asked if Kelly had to do any repairing after his interview with the Eagles. He said he talked to the guys about it and they appreciated his candor. He didn’t expound much on it, which I personally think is the right thing to do. There are certain things that should stay between a coach and his players. This is one of them.

The most important thing to remember here Notre Dame fans is that last year’s team isn’t this year’s team. The dynamic is going to be different; the playing abilities will be different. While the team will try to capture the success of last year it is a very real possibility with all of the graduates that the team won’t do as well. Obviously that doesn’t mean we won’t support them any less, but be prepared that we most definitely will see some big changes. But then again, they could totally repeat and find themselves in a rematch with Alabama in the ‘Ship (we’ll go with that).

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