Free Agency: Patriots Edition

Free agency has been going on for 9 days and already the landscape of a lot teams have changed. I’ll highlight some teams in the coming days that are doing big things and trying to improve (or destroy depending on how you look at it).

I’m going to start with my Patriots. It was a sad day when a little over a week ago Wes Welker left New England and signed with the Denver Broncos. There has been a lot of blame thrown around and the fans want answers. I think we will have to be satisfied that there isn’t much more we are going to find out. Welker is gone and the Pats have to move on. That may sound callous and like I don’t care, but the opposite is true. I love Welker. He’s an amazing receiver who dedicated a lot to the Patriots. But it doesn’t do any good to dwell on a player that is making plans to win with another team.

The Patriots have signed Danny Amendola to a 5-year contract. I’m excited to see what Amendola can do. The comparisons to Welker will no doubt abound in Amendola’s first season with the Pats. My advice Pats fans? Don’t do that. He is a different player with a different playing style. Don’t compare the old boyfriend to the new boyfriend; no good can come of that. Amendola has been with the St. Louis Rams since 2009. He has steadily had more playing time and catches. I think he’s going to be successful, especially with the best QB in the league throwing to him. I also want to wish Welker all of the success in the world unless he’s playing the Pats, then sadly he needs to lose.

It’s so hard to say this, but Danny Woodhead has signed with the Chargers! I was more upset about Woodhead then I was about Welker. Oh how I’ll miss your scrappy running Woody. I will grudgingly say good luck in San Diego (I’m not the biggest Charger fan out there).

In another sad roster move Oregon alum (that was for you Nichole!) Patrick Chung has signed with the Eagles. This move will reunite him with his former college coach, Chip Kelly. I always really liked Chung and I wish him the best of luck in Philly.

Brandon Lloyd has been released, he was due a $3 million roster bonus last Sunday and while it seemed they were working on restructuring his contract so he could remain in New England, he was released. No word yet on where Lloyd will land, but I’m sure wherever it is he will do well.

The Patriots have also signed former Buffalo receiver Donald Jones. The Patriots also hosted Emmanuel Sanders a restricted free agent from the Steelers. No deal has been made with him yet.

You’re probably saying to yourself, “Erica those are all offensive moves, what about the defense?” Well they have been plenty busy with the defense.

The Pats have managed to sign Talib to a 1-year contract. This is excellent news! I believe Talib to be one of the best corners on the market. It’s a soft market for corners this year so they aren’t making as much. Talib decided to do a 1-year in hopes that next year he’ll be offered more, this only works if he performs well so let’s all hope! Veteran (former) Arizona Cardinals safety Adrian Wilson signed with the Pats. I’m really excited about this. He’s a game changer and I believe he will boost the Pats’ secondary big time! There were some people who were upset about the re-signing of Kyle Arrington. I like him and I’m glad for the re-signing. He may have deficiencies, but doesn’t every player? He’s familiar with the team and coaches and he could always improve. I guess we’ll see though. The Pats have hosted a number of players who haven’t signed. I imagine the free agents want to explore their options and see what they can get. I’ll update you if any additional players sign.

It’s been a terrifying, sad, and productive free agency period for the Patriots. Belchick is doing a bit of house cleaning and trying to take the team in the direction that will (hopefully) win another Super Bowl trophy. Unfortunately sometimes our favorite players are casualties, but we just have to keep moving forward and cheer on our beloved Patriots. Belichick is a football savant and while his moves seem puzzling I think we’ll see come regular season that he knows what he’s doing.

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Go Pats!

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