Getting Ready for LSU's Spring Game!

Welcome back gridirongirls! Let’s talk about spring ball 2013!

For any college football fan, pring ball is one of the best inventions since sliced bread! Whether your team does good or bad during regular season, if you’re a true fan you still love them and can’t wait to see thesm play again next year. That huge break between the last game of the season, and the first game next fall is one of the longest periods of time for some football fans, so God gave us spring ball-Ok, not God, or any other spirit or higher power for that matter, but the NCAA gave it to us, and they’re not completely powerless! ;]

The Spring Game is held at the end of the spring practice period, as an intra-squad scrimmage; which means it is a scrimmage made up of teammates broken into two teams who play against each other in an 11 vs 11 format. This game is set up to help new players get accustomed to the speed of a college football game, and the playbook of their new team. It also familiarizes coaches with their player’s skills and areas that need improvement, as well as boosting the morale of the team’s fans and their concerns for the upcoming season. Even though LSU will be playing against itself, it’s still bound to be a great game, and quite the opportunity for scoping out the talent we’ll need to keep an eye on this fall as we battle our way to the National Championship.(Fun fact, the SEC has been National Champions for the last 7 years and we’d like to keep that going by winning this year’s NC game as well!)

To get you ready, there are a few things you should understand about spring football before we discuss the spring game. First off, the NCAA came up with a set of rules for college football teams regarding spring practices, those rules include:

1.Each team is allowed to hold only 15 spring practices which include the Spring Game.

2.Each school is permitted to have days during which limited activities such as conditioning (workouts focused on specific areas for each position, and the team as a whole, to improve and condition them in preparation for the season- a whole other post for you to look forward to!) and watching film are the focus point.

3.Only 12 of these spring practices are allowed to include physical contact, but no physical contact is permitted any earlier than the 3rd practice session. Tackling is permitted for 8 of those 12 physical contact days. Of those 8 tackling days, only 3 can be set up as 11 vs 11 scrimmages and the optional spring game qualifies as one of those 3 scrimmage days.

LSU’s Spring Game is scheduled on April 20th 2013 in Baton Rouge, LA. As I’ll discuss further d in my “Meet the Rookies” post next week, there a few new guys to scope out this year, and I don’t just mean their butts in football pants ;]! The talent committed to LSU this year is outstanding, and the Spring Game will give you a chance to see how they level up to the boys returning for another year. I’m sad to see so many of our graduating seniors not participating in the upcoming season, but with the young men we added to our roster this Spring, LSU may just have what it takes to get us to the National Championship again this year!

As always, thanks for tuning in, and remember to love purple and live gold, throw on your favorite jersey, check out the Spring Game, and yell GEAUX TIGERS! Hey, at least we know which team will win right? 🙂

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